Make-A-Wish makes her dream come true

Published 1:05 am Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lilly, family going to Disneyworld

After fighting stage two brain cancer since 2016, Lilly Matt is now stable and got her wish granted to go to Disney World by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Yesterday, Lilly showed up to Pizza Hut in Opp in a limousine to get the news.

“We have been working on getting this wish granted for a year,” Brandy Matt said. “It is very exciting that we get to do this for her. She gets to be a kid again.”

After watching her daughter get out of the limo and meet the Make-A-Wish Foundation representatives, Matt said that she was proud.

“I never thought that we would get to this day,” Matt said. “It just makes me feel so proud. One of her biggest wishes was to go to Disney and I am so happy that we get to make it happen.”

Though Lilly is stable, Matt said that it is an ongoing battle.

“She still has the cancer, because that is an ongoing battle,” Matt said. “She also has a bad right kidney and she has hypothyroidism as well. Right now, the cancer is stable and that is the best way to put it. We are able to go on the trip because she is stable.”

Matt said that Lilly’s oncologist referred her to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


“We had a break between all of her appointments so this was the perfect time for us to go on the trip,” Matt said. “We have been back and forth with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and they are just wonderful.”

Lilly Matt and her little sister at the Pizza Hut in Opp.

Bud Sliger with the Make-A-Wish Foundation said that being a part of making Lilly’s wish come true is the greatest part of volunteer work.

“We have done about 25 wishes over five years,” Sliger said. “And the best one is always the one that you are doing in that moment. You really think that you are going to bless the family and bless the kid, but you walk out of there with a tear rolling down your cheek. It is really amazing.”

Lilly said that she was completely in shock when she found out.

“This is absolutely amazing,” Lilly said. “I don’t even know what to say. Just a million times thank you to everyone.”

The Matt family will have an opportunity to visit every Disney park, and stay in a Disney resort. Lilly said that her favorite park is going to be Sea World.

“I am just so excited to see all of the animals,” Lilly said. “I am ready to see the sharks and whales especially.”

Lilly said that her favorite Disney movie is Frozen and she is excited to meet Elsa.

The Matt family will travel to Disney World April 1-7.