SES welcomes new kindergarteners

Published 1:00 am Saturday, March 23, 2019

Straughn Elementary School had registered 76 kids for their 2019-2020 kindergarten class yesterday afternoon with three hours still left.
Madison Morris said that the number is about the same as last year’s enrollment at this point.
“We usually prepare for a hundred to come,” Morris said. “Most classes average around 90, but this year we are looking at averaging above.”
Morris said that SES usually has another open enrollment at the end of July, if parents still want to register their child before the school year.
“It is a lot easier on the faculty if parents preregister,” Morris said. “So we usually prepare for another 15 to 20 students to register during that second open enrollment.”
She said that educating children is their purpose at SES.
“We would love to give students the best education possible,” Morris said. “And I feel like our teachers and staff do that. We are excited to see new faces come in.”