Land transactions for Fri., Aug. 27, 2010:

Published 12:00am Friday, August 27, 2010

The following are land transactions for the week of July 15-21, 2010:

• Mary Benton Cash and PATY Holdings LLC to Deborah S. Dean and Wendell W. Flowers

• Della and Kenneth B. Croteau to Angela K. and William R. Parker

• Ricky Knowles to Jeanetta Knowles

• Brenda Wise to Kenneth W. and Teresa G. Wambles

• Estate of Lessie Morgan, James Michael Morgan/Ind/Pers Rep and Glenda M. Presley to Kenneth W. and Teresa G. Wambles

• Angelia and Mark Hammett to Betty B. and James O. Anderson

• Charles W. and Patricia McDuffie to Belinda J. and Calvin Marvin

• Harry and Shirley M. Blocker to Joseph E. and Shena S. Blocker

• Ashley and Douglas Paul Gilliland to National Residential Nominee Services Inc.

• National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Heather A. and Joseph Anthony Garland

• Daniel Scott and Yana L. Wyatt to Faye C. and William Joe Lunsford

• Virginia Betterton and William Jerry Turner to John C. and Wanda G. Turner

• CFIII Annual Exclusion Trust Agreement 11/20/1982, CF IV Annual Exclusion Trust, EGF Annual Exclusion Trust, Celeste G. Foster/Deceased, Celeste G. Foster/Trustee, Clifford Foster, III/Successor Trustee, J. C. Foster/ Settlor, Mary Celeste Foster Annual Exclusion Trust and MCF Annual Exclusion Trust to Mary Celeste Foster Beall, Foster Eugenia Greer Benton, John Clifford Foster, IV, and Muriel Foster Schelke

• James Edward Gambles, Johnnie G. Gambles, Mervin Gambles, Robert Lewis Gambles, Sylvester Gambles, Willie C. Gambles, Mary Lewis, Rushley Lee Roberts, Claudie Smiley and Stringer Floria Mae to Esther D. McGrady Watson

• Brenda K. Fleming, Hazel Fleming, Hazel Marie Fleming A/K/A, Jerry L. Fleming, Jessica Meghann Fleming, John P. Fleming, Joseph Matthew Fleming, Joshua Michael Fleming, Hazel F. Sasser A/K/A and Hazel Marie Sasser F/K/A

• Joann S. Mock, Gloria S. Parker, Howard Sasser, James Howard Sasser A/K/A and Melvin Sasser to Melvin Sasser

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Suntrust Mortgage Inc.

• Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Tracie J. Boyington

• Tracie J. Boyington to Donald and Janice Holley

• Donald and Janice Holley to Tracie J. Boyington

• Morgan Rodgers to Vickie R. Plant

• B&R Eliis Trust 8/15/2003, Bobby F. Ellis/Ind/Trustee and Ruth S. Ellis/Ind/Trustee to Randy and Donna B. Kendrick

• Madison H. Cook, Edna M. Cross, Sabina P. Mann, Sina P. Man/Atty N Fact, Rodney Shelton Pierce/By Atty N Fact, Rodney Piwerce/AKA, Billy G. Sellers, Flenda Jane Sellers, Betty M. Watson/AKA and Betty Watson Watson to Billy G. and Glenda Jane Sellers

• Billy Gene and Glenda Jane Sellers to Madison H. Cook

• Barbara and Danny R. Posey to Daphne Poser and Christopher S. Posey

• Estate of Doris H. Palmer and Walter Darrell Palmer/Pers Rep to Valerie McClain Simone and Kenneth J. Simone, Sr.

• Gary L. and Hortencia C. Taylor to Timothy W. Rogers

• Angie K. McClain, Timothy K. McClain and William J. McClain to Angie K. and Timothy K. McClain

• Walter H. Wiggins to Donnie C. and Penny S. Nelson

• James Michael Davis to Hilry Trawick

• King Timber LLC to Mary Clentis Odom

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