Gay marriage moves line of right, wrong

Published 12:00am Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your editorial on Sat., June 2.

I must say I was a little surprised at your editorial. I understand it represented your opinion as this response represents mine. But, I feel that your editorial went too far and was offensive to me and many other readers. Please understand, I mean this with all due respect and have no personal grumble with you as we have many mutual friends.

In your article you said, “Thump the Bible and tell me that I am wrong”. This phrase was particularly offensive as was many of your other Biblical references. I am very much opposed to the homosexual lifestyle and same-sex marriage, but that does not mean I am against the person. God loves them just as He loves me. We should “love thy neighbor” as we are instructed. However, loving someone doesn’t mean supporting and enabling them in their wrong doing. I love my children dearly, but must instruct them on what is right and wrong.

I grow weary of being told how intolerant we Christians are. All is right…all is good as long as we are not intolerant or judgmental. After all, the Bible does say “judge not,”…right!? It does, but not in the context that it is most often used. The Bible also says “correct, rebuke and encourage —with great patience and careful instruction.” There are certain times that we should judge and there are certain actions to which we should be intolerant. I understand the church has, at times, forgotten to hate the sin and love the sinner, but that doesn’t mean the fundamental principals should be forgotten.

As a divorced man I am painfully aware that marriages and families are in trouble. I have seen, firsthand, the pain of a marriage failing and witnessed the effects it had on children. Marriages are failing; leading to families failing; which sometimes leads to lost and misguided children turning into lost and misguided adults. This is having an immeasurable negative effect on our community. I am not trying to imply that the problems with marriages and families today are the fault of same-sex marriage proponents. I see this as just another symptom of a much bigger problem. The prescription for marriages and families is to return to foundational and traditional values, not to have marriage and family re-defined to something that is scripturally, historically, and biologically wrong. Families today must return to what was once a priority, not follow society farther down the path to dysfunction. We should be working to strengthen and support marriage and families. We should not celebrate those things that weaken and try to redefine our families.

It concerns me that society feels it is OK to move the line of right and wrong. After this, where will the line be moved next? Will we lower the age to which adults can marry children? Will men be allowed to marry boys? Will we be allowed to have multiple spouses? Sound crazy? Not any crazier than the idea of same sex marriage a few years ago. This seems to be a slippery slope.


Chris Jackson

River Falls Street



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