We once lived in a much quieter world

Pause for a second where you are. Now listen. Is there silence in the house or wherever you might be? Complete silence? I doubt it. ... Read more

Ants preach it: Persistence really pays off

Ants! Ants! They were everywhere exploring the area around my kitchen sink. It seemed as if the more I swiped and crushed, they just kept ... Read more

Cool weather makes her hear dulcimers

I can’t help it—these beautiful fall days that are cool in the mornings and evenings and sunny and warm during the day make me melancholy. ... Read more

Josephine the Plumber wasn’t first role

Remember “Josephine the Plumber” who popped up on our television screens during the 1960s and 1970s?  She was that sparkling-eyed person who told us the ... Read more