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Butternut squash, not just for the fall

While pumpkin is the vegetable cultural mascot of Halloween and the fall season, butternut squash, arguably, is the culinary work horse. Pumpkin gets elevated, unnecessarily, ... Read more

Good reasons not to trust RAISE bill

By LARRY LEE As the years roll along, those of us who qualify as “seniors” have the benefit of viewing things through a lens that ... Read more

Letters home become family memoir

In thumbing through an album the other day, I ran across a Nina’s Notes from the late 1970s or early 1980s. In the first paragraph ... Read more

New Barbies campaign promotes possibilities

I’m an easy mark, and the kids know it. “Aunt Michele, I want …” “Aunt Michele, will you buy me …” “There’s this cool thing ... Read more

Focused prayer may be only hope

People are calling him crazy. He agrees, but says he is comfortable being this kind of crazy. What is the idea causing James Twynam to ... Read more