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Hooray for smalltown red, white and blue

There are lots of times when I’m happy to live in a small town, but never more so than on a patriotic holiday. First, there ... Read more

Grand old flag swells heart with pride

How many times has your heart filled with pride and thankfulness when our beautiful American flag is displayed during a parade? Or just waving in ... Read more

‘No man served more selflessly’

By Dr. Gary Smith As we celebrate our independence and astounding development from a fledging nation to the world’s superpower, we should applaud the extraordinary ... Read more

VictoryLand: Macon County’s Mercedes, Airbus, and UAB

Last week’s verdict that VictoryLand be allowed to reopen is justice served. The people of Macon County voted for a constitutional amendment to allow for ... Read more

If you can’t show love, check yourself

Last week was a heck of a news week. Not in terms of local events, but rather issues the general public passionately cares about. In ... Read more