What Congress should learn from VA scandal

By LEE HAMILTON Like other federal scandals before it, the mess involving VA hospitals has followed a well-trod path. First comes the revelation of misdoing. ... Read more

Some shoes are really just for show

Every day or so, an e-mail from a shoe store where I ordered several pairs of shoes floats into my in-box. Sometimes I have a ... Read more

Capitol never, ever disappoints this visitor

As I walked toward the state Capitol earlier this week, I wondered if other people are as awestruck by it as I am. I believe ... Read more

Who should cast first stone?

Dear Editor: In last Saturday’s paper, you published a letter written by the Rev. P. J. McClung in which he questioned the standards of the ... Read more

Turnout? You ain’t seen nothing yet

If you think the turnout was low for the June 3 primary, “then you ain’t seen nothing yet.” The runoff primary is next Tuesday. The ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

What if we all stopped it, already?

What if everyone involved in the situation in Ferguson, Mo., just stopped? Suppose, the police issued a statement saying, “We’re sorry for our part in ... Read more

Some people spread sunshine

Isn’t it amazing how some people bring sunshine into our lives? A friend who has been visiting out of town calls often. Just as soon ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Support of charity is appreciated

Dear Editor, Covenant Hospice thanks the community for a successful Fifth Annual Football Fever Tailgate Party and Silent Auction! A big thank you to everyone ... Read more

Even kids know littering is wrong

A few days ago, I had a very interesting conversation with my 7-year-old on our way to summer camp. The conversation began as we pulled ... Read more

LETTER: Support, don’t bash our community

Dear editor, My comment to people who like to get on a soapbox and badmouth Covington County, the mayor or anyone associated with the airport ... Read more

Thanks for making tourney a success

Many thanks from the Andalusia Area Humane Society to all who supported and participated in our recent fundraiser bowling tournament. The generosity of our sponsors ... Read more

Good things happen here

Written On A Whim   Last night, I packed my beach bags to head South the next morning for a few days with my nephew’s ... Read more