Modify, don’t abandon meal standards

Contraband was one of the most interesting things administrators and school board members in the Andalusia City School system learned from a series of surveys ... Read more

Before Facebook, there was Alachat

Intrigue, laughter, mystery, drama, romance and the occasional broken heart – like a daytime soap opera, Alaweb’s chat rooms provided its users with loads of ... Read more

Giggles give you great energy

If we harness the energy contained in a group of Andalusia Elementary School students, we might be able to provide electricity for the entire county. ... Read more

Southerners top most corrupt list

A recent Fortune magazine article ranks Alabama as one of the top 10 states when it comes to corruption. We were ranked No. 6. The ... Read more

Something is off kilter in higher education

When I was a kid, my dad hired me to work at the newspaper office. I was a fourth grader. My job was to go ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

What’s wrong with humans?

What is wrong with humans? Seriously, what is wrong with humans? It’s been 45 years since Apollo 11 landed and we heard, “One small step ... Read more

Patterson surprised Wallace in ‘58

As the 1958 governor’s race dawned, the shadow of Big Jim Folsom loomed over the scene. Even though Big Jim could not be on the ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Why would you ever leave kid in a hot car?

Tell me something. What is happening to our men and women? They go to stores or work and leave their kids in the cars as ... Read more

Cancer center, bus great assets

I am sure I am not the only person who realizes how blessed our area is in having Sacred Heart Cancer and 21st Century Oncology ... Read more

Who should cast first stone?

Dear Editor: In last Saturday’s paper, you published a letter written by the Rev. P. J. McClung in which he questioned the standards of the ... Read more

Thanks for making parade a success

This is an open thank you note to the people of Andalusia, the City of Andalusia, and the people of Covington County. THANK YOU for ... Read more

Congrats to new chief

I just want to say to Chief Paul Hudson he has a very nice son. I have met him. Our chief sent him one night ... Read more