Letters to the Editor July 4, 2002

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Nuisance properties disgust resident

Dear Editor:

I am writing concerning nuisance properties in Andalusia. The city council is on top of this matter most of the time and Mr. Ronnie keeps them up to date. I saw a fine presentation by Mr. Driver on July 2.

But how one group of properties escapes the abatement program and aren't labeled a nuisance and demolish escapes me. These properties are those homes beside the First Baptist Church, East Three Notch Street. They are a disgrace to Andalusia. Some are boarded up. They are in poor condition. No human should have to live in such swoler. The owners should be ashamed. I know them as fine, prominent business people, good church folks, decent people but on this matter they fall short and so does the city.

Why are there homes allowed to remain? Is it because

the owners are rich, have influence, friends on the council? One or two councilmen attend First Baptist and see them every Sunday. The sight of their houses should cause them to rush to city hall, call in the building inspectors, city attorney and have them declared a nuisance and demolished. The city regularly condemns houses that look better than these.

Maybe the owners can build strip apartments, new houses. Hey, how about Habitat for Humanity? But I can not think of any satisfactory explanation for the city allowing there houses to stand except as suggested above.

Bob Reid