Andalusia football reunion planned

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 4, 2002

A group of former Andalusia football players, coaches and managers are planning to take a trip back in time in the near future.

On August 10, a reunion of the former gridders is planned, to be held at the Kiwanis Building in Andalusia. Festivities will begin at 3 p.m.

Players who participated for at least one full football season from 1973-1979 should call Lex Short's office at 334-428-2580 if they would like to attend the celebration.

Please leave your name, last year of participation, position and address with Short's assistant or on the answering machine.

Plans are for the reunion to be kept very informal.

Alabama School Superintendent Dr. Ed Richardson, who is a former principal at Andalusia High School, will be the special guest.

Richardson, coaches and players will be invited to make impromptu speeches before the group of attendees, and there are plans to have a big screen television with classic footage of games.

Blooper awards will be given to unsuspecting players,

and a BBQ dinner will be served at around 6 p.m.

"Team rules" for the event include:

Players will be asked for donations to cover expenses.

Tardiness and absenteeism will not be tolerated.

All players should report in top physical condition.

Players may bring water jugs.

Helmets must be shined and shoes must be polished.

There will be no fighting allowed.

Dress will be "locker room casual."

Violation of rules will be punishable by "a lick or a mile."

According to Coach Don Sharpe, the reunion will be a good chance for those attending "to exchange truths, half-truths and outright fantasy about how things were back then."

"All of the coaches are planning to attend, and many players and managers are excited about the prospect of reuniting with teammates they haven't seen in years," said Sharpe.

"When you consider the fact that the youngest participants from this era are approaching 40 and the oldest 50, you can only imagine how stories have been distorted over the years. Every player, manager, coach and administrator played a part in making the program one of the most successful in the history of Alabama football."