Letters to the Editor July 8, 2002

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 8, 2002

Concerned about LL favoritism

Dear Editor:

I read an article written to you by Donna Callaham that I so agree with that I felt I had to write my opinion also. Donna was telling of how things sometimes go at the Little League baseball games with some of the coaches. As Donna said, the coaches do indeed have an influence on these little boys, and the boys play hard to please them.

My peeve is not the temper tantrum of some of the coaches, but when some of the coaches plainly show favor toward certain boys over others - not having anything to do with the ability to play a good game of ball.

My youngest grandson (11 years old) and one of the little fellow had to sit 95 percent of the season on the bench. He loves baseball and has a strong throwing arm, hits well when given a chance to play. He puts in all the practice time required with the team, and then a lot of practice at home with his daddy. It broke my heart to see him stand in the dugout with his fingers laced through the holes in the fence, watching the other boys play every inning - a game he loves so. All little boys who show and interest in pour local sports and make the team should have the opportunity to play, not watch all the time.

I hope the actions of these two coaches will not cause him and others who are not allowed to play to stop wanting to participate in our local sports. I have watched other teams play this season and have seen some really nice men as those boys' coaches.

Just remember coaches, those are young boys who love the game and look up to you guys.

When my sons were small and played baseball, they had coaches like Mr. Chick Earl

– always fair to all the boys who played under them. Memories of him and his actions bring a smile on all the players' and their parents' faces when we think of him. Thank you, Mr. Earl.

I hope to see my grandson and all the other boys who sat on the benches this season have the opportunity to play next season.

Pat Henley


Love changes the balance

Dear Editor:

I would like to share with you a card I got from my stepdaughter:

I love you!

This card is sent to you as part of a "Tell someone you Love Them" campaign. It is meant to counteract some of the hatred in the world that is often expressed in bitter words and acts of violence. Why should we deny our fellow man the love he craves so deeply? Let us learn to give love generously, to express love honestly, and to receive love graciously.

The condition of the world may very well be the sum total of the love and hatred that exists in it. I am expressing my love for you to help change the balance to a more loving World.

Just one more thing before I go - Mandy, we are so proud of all the changes you have made in your life. Keep up the great work!

Beth Mackey


Local officers very helpful

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the gentlemen from the Sheriff's department an d the Drug Task Force who helped find my father when he wandered away from home on June 25. It is confronting to know that we have individuals willing to serve above and beyond the call of duty in our community.

May God bless you.

Louise Earnest