Cross family member settled in Pleasant Home Community

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 10, 2002

A majority of the Cross relatives currently residing in Covington County are descendants of John Wesley Cross who lived in the Pleasant Home Community. However, there was a Cross ancestor, William Hardy Cross, who settled in the northern part of the county during the late 1840s who also has some descendants living in the area. Research has not yet revealed if there is any relationship between these two different Cross families.

In an earlier column, the William H. Cross family was reviewed. For easy reference a brief outline is presented here. There is still no evidence as to who the parents of William H. were, but his wife, Nancy Nall, was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Satterwhite) Nall. John, the son of James and Mary Nall, was born in 1786 in Georgia and died in 1859 in Covington County.

William H. and Nancy reared the following children: Lugumia, b. 1846; Martha Ann "Nannie," b. 1849, m. ? Cooper; William Hardy Jr. "Hardie," b. 1850, d. 1917, m. Mattie Sue Watson; Richard, b. 1853; James, b. 1855, m. Harriet Josey; Handy Britton, b. 1857, d. 1920, m. Winifred Parker; Ambrose, b. 1859, m. Emma Jones; Farrow, b. 1861, m. Elizabeth Josephine Turner; and Nancy, b. 1864.

In 1852, William M. (H.?) Cross acquired 40 acres of land in the Patsaliga River area through an 1850 Military Grant. William H. added an additional 40 acres in 1855. He reared his family on the land, and he and his wife are buried in the Curry-Cross Cemetery, located deep in the woods in the northern section of the county.

It is believed that John Wesley Cross's people were from Georgia and that he was the son of a Jack Cross. Family memories suggest Jack may have been married as many as three times and may have had three different families. Additional research will be necessary for this to be determined.

John Wesley was born in 1845 and was married in 1869 to Nancy Caroline Hart, daughter of Isaac and Mary (MacArthur) Hart of the Pleasant Home Community. John and Nancy's young family was enumerated in the 1850 census of this county with John listed as a farmer, 22 years of age; Nancy, 20; and a daughter, Nancy Jr., 7 months.

Before his marriage, John Wesley had served in the Confederate Army. In 1862, he enlisted as a private in Company I, 40th. Alabama Infantry Regiment. He survived the war and returned to his home in the Pleasant Home Community where he met his future wife. He was listed along with William H. Cross as registered voters on the Supplemental List for 1867.

John and Nancy reared the following children: Nancy Caroline Jr. "Missy," b. 1870, m. Green Berry Martin; Andrew Jackson "Jack," b. 1872, d. 1919, m. Zeriphia Alavada Walker; Beatrice E., b. 1874, d. 1926, m. J. Kendrick Wells; Miles Irving "Bud," b. 1876, d. 1952, m. (1) Estelle Campbell (2) Emily Miranda "Randy" Bryan, Henry Allen Elizabeth "Al," b. 1879, d. 1929, m. Julia Ellis; James Dennis "Jim," b. 1881, d.1945, single; Martha Josephine, b. 1883, d. ca 1890; Laura Elizabeth, b. 1885, d. 1906, m. Rubin Hart; Mary Arminda, b. 1887, d. as infant; and William Isaac "Ike," b. 1892, d. 1961, m. Bessie Beulah Catoe.

Nancy and Green Berry Martin had the following children: Jamie Malachi, m. Ida Ruth Campbell; John Lafayette, m. Nora ?; Lena Dell, b. 1896, d. 1972, m. Robert Hallford; and Miles Truman, b. 1912, d. 1971, m. Estella Phillips.

Andrew Jackson and Zeriphia had the following children: James Kension, b. 1903, d. 1962, m. Susie Jessie Wells; Ernesta, m. William Durden; and Jack Allen Sr., b. 1912, d. 1949, m. Bobbie Arthenia Moore who later m. J.W. "Pos" Douglas.

Beatrice and J. Kendrick Wells had one son, Isaac, who married Agnes Hutto.

Miles Irving and Estelle had one daughter, Maude Estelle "Sister," who married Lee Mason. Miles and his second wife, Randy, had the following four children: James Ollie, m. Ernie Autense Johnson; James Denson, b. 1901, d. 1923, single; Leila Mae, b. 1905, d. 1982, m. James McKathan; and Addie Lee, b. 1909, d. 1972, m. Freling H. DuBose.

Henry Allen and Julia had two sons, Albert and Julian.

William Isaac and Bessie had the following three children: Juanita Catherine, b. 1923, m. Louis Franklin; William Harold, b. 1925, m. Mae Amelia Arneson; and Nelda Faye, b. 1936, m. Robert Hathcock.

Many of the next generation of this family are outlined next.

Grandchildren of Nancy Caroline Jr. and Green Berry Martin: Lena Dell and Robert Hallford had the following children: Nannie Belle, b. ca 1919, m. (1) Clayton Griggs; Bobbie Lee, b. ca 1920; James Gordon, b. 1921, m. Louvenia Davis; J.W., b. 1923, m. Louise Carter; Edward, b. ca 1926, m. Ruth Kimbro; Earl Ray (twin), b. 1929, m. Merle Kimbro; Merle Fay (twin), b. 1929, m. (1) Christine Bulger; L.D., b. ca 1935, m. Doris ?; Norman, m. Jo ?; and Barbara, m. ? Lupeo.

Grandchildren of Andrew J. and Zeriphia: James Kension and Susie had the following children: James Underwood, b. 1925, m. Marie Campbell; Andrew Algenson, b. 1927, m. Leola Chesser; Duane Edwin, b. 1930, m. Rebecca Enzor; Janine Sue, b.&d. 1932; Mary Zuline, b. 1932, m. John M. Brown; Aundre Kension, b. 1934, m. Elaine DuBose; and Aubrey Collier, b. 1939, m. Peggy Howard. Ernesta and William Durden had two children: Roscoe, m. Ruth Manley; and Jacquelyn. Jack Allen Sr. and Bobbie had the following three sons; Robert, b. 1935, m. Barbara Bennett; John Carton, b. 1937, m. Ann Boudreaux; and Jack Allen III, b. 1940, m. Charlotte Anne Lord.

Grandchildren of Beatrice and J.K. Wells: Their son, Isaac, and Agnes had three children: Robert Glenn, Evelyn Ann, and Phillip Ray.

Grandchildren of Miles and Estelle: Maude Estelle and Lee Mason had three daughters: Lillian Leona, m. Everatt Mason; Hilda Merle, m. James Soles; and Mary Jane, m. Dexter McDaniel.

Grandchildren of Miles and Randy: James Ollie and Ernie had the following children: Winston Durant, b. 1924, m. Nellie Louvean Thomas; and Quida Elese, b. 1925, m. (1) James Cook (2) Oliver Odom + others. Leilia and James McKathan had the following children: Garnel, b. 1926, d. 1991, m. Lorene Worrell; Miles Earl, b. 1928, m. Ruth Hyde; Gwendolyn Jean, b. 1931, m. Benjamin Randolph Thomasson; James Bryan "Luke," b. 1934, m. Naomi Blancherd; and Shirley Earnestine, b. 1936, m. Frank Smith. Addie Lee and Freling DuBose had the following children: June, b. 1930, m. (1) John Iran "Bo" Thomasson (2) Roy Harris; Ruth Barris, b. 1932, m. Jack Lundy; Elaine, b. 1935, m. Aundre Kension Cross; and Miles Foyl, b. 1937, d. 2001, m. Claudia Lee Shirey.

Appreciation is expressed to Elaine (DuBose) Cross for sharing family research done primarily by her brother, Miles Foyl DuBose. Elaine is a Cross descendant who married another Cross descendant, Aundre Kension Cross. This couple has retired and returned to live in the Pleasant Home Community. Other descendants who shared family information include Louvenia Hallford, Winston Cross and Ashley McKathan.

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