Nichols brothers have many area descendants

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Additional genealogy on descendants of Conrad Gunrod Nichols will be presented in today's column. The families of Conrad's oldest and youngest sons, John and Kinchen Ellis, will be outlined. These two are brothers of William E. who was featured last week.

John was born circa 1795 in South Carolina and was married to Nancy Barton in Edgefield, South Carolina. They reared the following children: William J.; Joel Lafayette, Sr., b. 1831, d. 1901, m. Susan Elizabeth Wellmaker; Benjamin Franlkin "Ben," b. 1835, d. 1863, m. Cartha Caroline Brewer; Lizzie; and Martha. After Nancy's death, he was married to Dorcus Wall with whom he had the following children: Joseph, b. ca 1848, d. ca 1863; Thomas, b. ca 1850; Sarah, b. ca 1852; Catherine, b. ca 1855; and Frances, b. ca 1857.

William J. was born in the Edgefield/Greenwood area of South Carolina. He was married to Mary Ann Crook in 1843 in Wilks County, Ga. They had the following children: Newt, Simion, Minnie "Puss," and Renney.

Joel Lafayette Sr. and his family moved from Wilks County to Pike County, circa 1857. He was a prosperous farmer and operated a cotton gin and syrup mill. He and his wife, Susan E., had the following children: Elias "Eli," Joel Lafayette "Fate" Jr., William Marshell "Bill," Job Francis, George Marion, Margaret Celestia "Tulie," Alvin Cyrenous "Ab," Susan Elizabeth "Sudie," and Lula.

Benjamin F. had moved to Pike County before his marriage to Martha Caroline in 1860. He and his wife had one daughter, Mary Elizabeth, born in 1861. Ben entered the Confederate Army about this time and served as a private in Co. F, 334d. Ala. Inf. Reg't. He lost his life on March 22, 1863. Mary E. was married to Harrison Maloy in 1879. He died in 1885 and left her with two young children, Agnes and Amzie E.

The name of Thomas' wife is unknown, but she and Thomas had the following children: Thomas Edward, Charlie, Essie, John, Katie, and Ben.

Catherine was married circa 1874 to a Mr. Reynolds. They reared the following children: John, b. 1875; Mary L, b. 1880; Joseph E., b. 1886; George W., b. 1890; and Katie Lee, b. 1895.

Frances was married to a Mr. Regan. They reared the following children: Edwin, Young H., John Thomas, and Jessie Nichols.

In the next generation, Joel Lafayette Jr., and his wife, Fannie, reared the following children in Southern Crenshaw County: Abbie Tula, b. 1878, d. 1957, m. James Manning Hollis; Claudis Cleo, b.1879, m. Emily Ann Hollis; Oliver Newton "Oll," b. 1881, m. Eula Lee Johnson; Alice Eunice, b.1883, d. 1973, m. Jessie John Sasser; Susan Aguster, b. 1886, d. 1942; Clera Clora "Que," b.1888, d. 1955, m. James Clifford Compton; Henry Peavy "Fox," b. 1896, d. 1963, m. Mattie Salome Pitts; Birdie Aldine, b. 1893, m. Claude Bush; and Newton Greasham "Gress," b. 1906, d. 1996, m. (1) Boncile Sanders (2) Bernice Devane.

The youngest son of Conrad Gunrod Nichols was Kinchen Ellis, born in 1815 in South Carolina. Tragically, his parents died when he was an infant, so Kinchen was reared by a cousin, Mrs. Timmons, who moved to Pike County, Alabama. He was 45 years old at the beginning of the War Between the State. He enlisted as a private in Co. E., 1st. Ala. Cavalry Reg't. By 1863, he was serving with Co. D, 2nd. Batallion, Georgia Sharpshooters. He was wounded at Dallas, Ga., on April 27, 1864, and was admitted to a hospital. Upon release, he was retired to the Invalid Corps., Provisional Army, Confederate States from which he was discharges in 1865.

Three days after Kinchen's discharge, his wife, Hannah H. Carr, died leaving several young children. The couple had the following children after their marriage in Pike County in 1840: Deborah, b. ca 1841; Joel, b. ca 1842, d. ca 1856; Rosian, b. ca 1843, d. as infant; Issac; Judson C. Lissame "Seamy," b. ca 1850; Julia Ann; Jesse Robert; Emma A.; Christopher Columbus, b. ca 1859; and James A., ca 1861, d. as infant.

After Hannah's death, Kinchen was married to Martha Margaret (Carroll) Reeves, of Pike County. The reared the following children: John A., b. ca 1867, invalid, single; Oscar A., b. ca 1868, d. 1877; Pleasant "Plez," b. ca 1870, d. 1939, single; Payton; Jephtha; and Hinton Carroll, b. ca 1877, d. 1911.

On a Sunday morning in July 1877, Kitchen and several other men and boys were swimming and bathing in the Conecuh River near Troy. When he went to rescue his son, Oliver, who was experiencing some difficulty, they both drowned. His wife's son by a previous marriage, Sam Reeves, returned from Texas to help his mother rear the children. Sam later served several terms as Sheriff of Pike County.

The oldest child, Deborah, taught school in Alabama for a few years before moving to Texas and marrying Frank Jones. They moved to Waco and operated a wagon yard next to the suspension bridge spanning the Braquos River. They did not have any children.

Issac, oldest surviving son, enlisted in the Confederate Army at age 15. He served in Co. H, 18th. Ala. Inf. Reg't and survived the war. Afterwards, he was married to Mary Augusta Owens and they farmed to support their family including the following children: Jobe A.; Mary Ella "Mollie;" Paskel E., b. 1872, d. 1887; Gainey Griffin; and Virginia A.

Judson and his wife, Lena M. Owens, reared their family in Crenshaw County, and then moved to Wood County, Texas, and later, Oklahoma. Their children included Julius Victor; Fannie V., b. 1869, d. 1973; Shelby C., b. 1861, d. 1892; William S.; Lleonidas "Lonnie;" Genoa Casper; and Erma Ella.

Julia Ann and her husband, W.T. "Tom" Medows, also moved to Texas. Their children included Susan Adella, John Aaron, Charles B., Wiley A., and Walter G.

Jesse "Bob" went to Decatur, Texas, and married Eliza Ann Storm of Hobbieville, Indiana, whom he later divorced. They had the following children: Joe Russell, b. ca 1883; Louise, b. 1885, d. 1900; Ethel Mae, b.&d. 1887; Cleo, b. 1890, d. 1906; and Una, b.&d. 1892.

Emma A. and husband, Asa Kolb, also moved to Texas and reared the following children: Florence El Clara; Walter A.; James Rush, b. 1884; William Hansfield, b. 1886; Burie Ida; Sherman, b. 1890; Orbie Franklin, b. 1893; Nettie S., b. 1895; and V. Lee, b. 1897.

Payton lost his wife, Lillian McLendon, when she died giving birth to their daughter. The child, apparently a boy, was given the name Jeptha, and was buried with his mother. Payton continued to live in Pike County.

Jephtha also remained in Pike County. He and his wife, Addie Siler, had a daughter named Margaret, b. 1906. Family records show that Margaret had a son who was adopted and reared by a Foxworth family. She died in Alaska in 1945, and her name appears as Margaret Cretzer on her tombstone.

Much more Nichols genealogy has been compiled and is available from various descendants of this family. Appreciation is expressed to Mary Ann Nichols of Grady, Alabama, for the use of her records for the majority of last week's column and to Mary (Nichols) Locklier of Andalusia for sharing her family records, including a book compiled by Pleasant L. Compton, for today's column. Mary is the daughter of Oliver Cecil and Minnie Lee (Bracewell) Nichols of Gantt.

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