Wiggins descendants abound in Babbie/Wiggins community

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 12, 2002

The goal of today's column is to present the next generation of the Wiggins family of Covington County. In the previous one, Simeon Wiggins and his family including 10 children were introduced. His Children and their families will be outlined in this writing.

A majority of the Wiggins families resided in the Babbie and Wiggins communities near Opp. The Wiggins community name came from the small post office, which was established on May 6, 1880, a mile or two north of the Babbie. It was named for James D. Wiggins, one of Simeon's younger sons, who was the first postmaster. He served in this role until 1883 when James B. Thompson succeeded him.

Simeon's children and families are presented below in order of birth.

Sarah Ann Elizabeth and her first husband, ? Cockcroft, had one daughter, Martha Elnara who was born circa 1862. Sarah and her second husband, Robert Nelson Woodham, had the following five children: Mary, b. ca 1865; Robert Harvey, b. 1867, d. 1961; Texann Rebecca, b. 1870, d. 1918; Martha Augusta, b. 1864, d. 1966; and Nancy Edna, b. 1878, m. William John Taylor.

Any children by John T. and his wife, Becky Smith, are not known to this writer. John homesteaded 161 acres of land in the Horn Hill community, located southwest of Opp, in 1898.

Mary Frances and her husband, James Jasper Short, had the following childrn: S.D., b. ca 1870; William T., b. ca 1862; Nancy A. Miranda, b. 1874, d. 1950, m. Robert Lee Wiggins; Mary F. &uot;Polly,&uot; b. ca 1876; James B., b. ca 1878; Martha E., b. ca 1879; and Parker, b. ca 1881.

Simeon Byrd and his wife, Emma C. Cobb, had the following children: Ida, b. ca 1876; Ellie, b. ca 1878, m. Bill Benton; Fronie E., b. ca 1879, m. John Benton; Dovie, b. ca 1880, m. Jay Harvey Wiggins; and Lee Roy, b. ca 1882. single.

Willis Jackson and his wife, Ida Mae Kimmey, reared the following children: Walter, b. 1876, m. Suzanne Taylor; Malachi J. &uot;Mallie,&uot; b. 1879, d. 1948, m. Fleta C.O. Colquett; Minnie, b. 1881, d. 1882; Lawson Harmon &uot;Loss,&uot; 1883, d. 1966, m. Sallie Folmer (? O'Steen); Marvin B., b. 1885, d. 1974, m. Lilla E. Tisdale (Catherine Ann ?); Laura Ella, b. 1887, m. Hugh Merrill; Joseph Laban, b. 1889, d. 1909, single; Wiley, b. 1890, d. 1974; Kimmey, b. 1893, d. 1972, m. Hattie Idell Alford; Eunice V.,, b. 1895, m. Earl Bryant; and Calvin Walter, b. 1897, d. 1922, m. Susan Taylor. Some records suggest there was another daughter, Eula Lee, born 1874, m. Hugh Merrill after her sister, Laura Ella's death.

James Denson &uot;Jimmy&uot; homesteaded 160 acres of land in the Wiggins community in 1889. He was a farmer as most of his relatives were, but he did serve for a period of time as a postmaster. He and his first wife, Sarah Elizabeth Graves, had the following children: James Harvey, b. 1878, d. 1968, m. Eudoxie F. Benton; Amzie Elefare, b. 1879, d. 1965, m. Eli Walton Richburg; Donner Lee, b. 1882, d. 1947, m. William Jones; Sarah Florence, b. 1884, d. 1968, m. Gordon Jones; Columbus Clayton, b. 1886, d. 1976, m. Donnie Adams; and Nancy Louanna, b. 1888, d. 1975, m. (1) Luther Lee Wiggins (2) ? Wise.

James Denson and his second wife, Louisa Jane (Mills) Pitman, had the following children: Abbie Lucinda &uot;Tumpie,&uot; b. 1892, d. 1971, m. Preston K. Woodham; William Cecil &uot;Bill,&uot; b. 1894, d. 1967, m. Mary Agnes Flournoy; Joseph Johnson &uot;Johnny,&uot; b. 1896, d. 1946, m. Thelma Gray; Jessie Dalton, b. 1899, m. Flora Bell Parker; and Ollie C., b. 1906, d. 1978, m. Jeffie Harrison. Jimmy died in 1891 and was buried in the Bethel Cemetery at Babbie where both of his wives were buried also.

George Washington lived and reared his family in the Babbie/Rose Hill communities. His children were all born near the Wiggins Crossroads just north of Babbie. He served as a deacon in the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church at Babbie. With his two wives, he had a round total of 50 grandchildren. When the last one was born in 1919, George said, &uot;She is just as welcomed as the first one.&uot;

George W. and his first wife, Elizabeth Isabella Merrell, had the following children: E.V., b. 1882, d. in teen years; Harmon L., b. 1884, m. Maude Woodham; Mary E., b. 1886, d. 1978, m. 1904 Shady Lewis Mack; Barney J., b. 1888, d. 1956, m. 1912 Mary S. &uot;Fronie&uot; Mack; Nancy Annie, b. 1890, d. 1965, m. Edgar A. Adams; Joseph Hampton, b. 1892, d. 1915, m. Willie L. O'Steen; Simeon Byrd, b. 1894, d. 1979, m. 1914 Beulah S. Johnson; Alice May, b. 1898, m. Wilborn Casper Moore; and Bura Abner, b. 1900, m. (1) 1924 Mary Ethel Mack (2) 1980 Myrtis Green Dorsey.

Following Isabella's death, George W. was married again, and his second wife helped rear his first set of children. George W. and his second wife, Georgia Washie Odom, daughter of Isaac Wilson Odom, Jr. and Jane Elizabeth &uot;Jency&uot; Taylor, had the following children: Alfred, b. ca 1906, d. as infant; Clyde Estell, b. 1908, m. (1) 1934 Houston Hester (2) 1973 Herman T. Wilson; George Ray, b. 1910, d. 1987, m. 1935 Orene Avant; Wilma Lee, b. 1912, d. 1987, m. 1932 James Franklin Cade; and Obie Jane, b. 1919, m. 1937 Jesse J. Grabert.

It is not known if the youngest son, Wiley B., b. 1860, after the family moved to Covington County, had any children. It is understood that he was married to Clyde Taylor.

Simeon's brother, David, who settled in Covington County, had several children. His second oldest son, Simeon D., homesteaded 160 acres of railroad land in the Wiggins community in 1895. He became a preacher in the Primitive Baptist Church and was active in the Dozier and Good Hope communities. He was married to a daughter of Elder Solomon Long, an outstanding preacher in the same faith.

Another Wiggins family moved to Covington County from Henry County during the early 1900s. Charles Monroe Wiggins was the son of Hopewell and Elizabeth Ann (Oates) Cooper Wiggins, natives of South Carolina. Charles M. was married in Florala in 1910 to Buna Mae (Johns) Bernelle. Among their children were two well-known Andalusia citizens, Charles Bordon who was married to Jane (Underwood) Yewell and Margaret Jenelle who was married to Charles Franklin. Only a few members of this family currently reside in the county.

There may be other Wiggins family lines in the county, but these two have been well-documented in local records. Anyone who has additional research on the Wiggins family or any corrections to the above is requested to contact Curtis Thomasson at Rt. 9, Box 97, Andalusia, AL 36420 or Email: chthom@alaweb.com

The sources for today's genealogy are basically the same as for last week; however, some additional data on some of Simeon's children was secured from the research of Idalyn McGill Stinson. The data on Charles M. Wiggins family was located in the vertical file at the Andalusia Public Library.