What makes people feel they have to do certain things?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Home. It's such a simple word.

Webster's defines "home" as a collective social unit described as a family; a congenial environment. A word that brings to mind warm visions of love and understanding oftentimes brings harsh words and insecurity to others.

Everyday Americans are faced with the heartbreaking story of child abuse. Each time we turn on the television set, newscasters give us details of how mothers are leaving their unwanted children in garbage cans or of how daddy shook his baby to death because he/she wouldn't stop crying.

It kills me to listen to these stories.

My question is this. What makes a person feel like they have to hit or lash out at a child? Does it, in all honesty, make one feel better about themselves to belittle or demean a child? Is it the only way they know to unleash their anger is by hitting a child?

Well, I got news for them.

A person who hits, demeans, belittles or in any way, shape or form, abuses a child is a small, insignificant, stupid person. Those people need to take a movement and step back and re-evaluate their life and the life they are providing to their children.

And abuse happens all around us. It's not something that is just found in the larger cities. It happens in our own backyard. Covington County is no different than anywhere in the whole United States.

I have an idea.

If anyone and I mean anyone in Covington County, feels the urge to do damage to your children, call me.

Feel like hitting your child? Call me.

Find yourself reaching for your child in anger? Call me.

Call me and I will come and take those children into my house. E-mail me at snelson@gtcom.net, and I will do my best to see that you and your family can get some help.

I know that I probably can't do a lot to help those in need, but one person can make a difference. That one person is you.

If you see someone abusing a child, report what you see to the authorities. Keep a watchful eye out for clues that might give you an insight to what is happening.

Do what you can to help the child. They are our future. If we don't protect them, no one will.