Letters to the Editor July 24, 2002

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Unleashed dogs killing goats

Dear Editor:

I've lived in Andalusia for 16 years. I've never had a complaint until now. I agree with the lady who who is fed up with the cats. The only thing is, in the county there is no leash law on dogs. For the past two Sundays my neighbor has had his goats preyed upon by a pack of dogs. So far he has lost 9 and 2 are going to have to be put down due to this attack. I'm not sad to say he killed one of the dogs. Don't get me wrong I love dogs, I have a dog myself, but he doesn't leave my property to destroy someone else's.

Mr. C. has been all over our neighborhood trying to locate the owners of these dogs. They have to belong to someone, because they only attack on Sundays. I've had them trying to get my cats Sunday after the Fourth of July then every Sunday after has been Mr. C.'s goats.

What has to happen to get this to end? I hope when they're finished with the goats they don't prey on a small child. That would be very heartbreaking to a parent to lose a child to someones ignorant act. And to the owner, if they happen to read this, "Step up and take responsibility for the actions of your dogs."

Wynell M. Brown