Letters to the Editor July 30, 2002

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 29, 2002

Grateful for Dale Griffin

Dear Editor:

Sheila Evans recently wrote an article about Dale Griffin and how she inspired her at Andalusia Manor. This is another story on the sweet side of Dale Griffin,

At Christmas time, she was our Santa Claus. She fooled everybody. She went through and called everyone by their name and nobody knew who she was. Can you imagine how she fooled us?

She is also very competitive. We have costume contests at Halloween and she always wins.

You meet her in the hallway and it is always "Do you need anything?" She has a helping hand for everyone.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had more Dale Griffins in Andalusia?

Sheila Evans has a lot of those nice qualities too.

Ella Louise Wigle


Seniors need

program for prescriptions

Dear Editor:

I am concerned about a good prescription drug program for seniors. None of the 37 million people on Medicare have outpatient prescription drug coverage as part of Medicare.

AARP research states nearly 30 percent of the people on Medicare have no drug coverage at all. The seniors who do have coverage have to pay for supplement policies which is expensive.

When you consider that seniors account for over half of everything that is spent on prescription drugs in our country, you can see how wrong it is that Medicare doesn't have a drug benefit.

As a member of AARP, I am proud to say that these numbers are the very reason why AARP has made "affordable prescription drug coverage" our number one priority. However, AARP members can not do it alone.

We can all do nothing, say nothing, and we will remain with nothing, or we can all call, write or e-mail our elected officials, and tell them we need and want real action on Medicare drug benefit program now.

Personally, I opt for action, and, am asking my fellow AARP members and fellow Alabama seniors to join me in asking our U.S. legislators to pass an "affordable prescription drug" bill. If you need assistance or addresses, call me- 428-2675 or (night) 222-4006.


Irene D. Butler