Letters to the Editor August 3, 2002

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 2, 2002

Thankful for Greg White

Dear Editor:

Please allow me to inform your good people of Andalusia of a really fine man in your midst.

Yesterday (August 1) I was working at my church here in Elba when I obviously became over-heated to the point of collapse.

The first thing I see, as I raise my head from the sidewalk, is Mr. Gregory B. White hurrying across US 84 to my aid.

He was on his way home, saw me, parked along the curb on that busy street and came to my aid.

After a few words, he brought me a water hose and helped to lower my body core temperature.

I really do not know what might have happened if he had not been the sort of man to help total strangers. Words can never express my appreciation to Greg and his obvious care for his fellow man.

I really hope you good folks know you have such a fine citizen in your midst.

Thanks kindly for allowing me to offer this to your readers.

Don Morrow