Letters to the Editor August 6, 2002

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 5, 2002

News story or political advertising?

Dear Editor:

This letter is written in response to your free political ad on the front page of Saturday's paper for Seth Hammett, disguised as a news article by the Star-News.

Hammett should have to pay for his political ads just like all other candidates, such as myself who had to pay for my political ad on page 3 of Saturday's paper, which exposed Hammett's votes for video gambling, for pro-homosexual legislation, against the Veterans' Monument Protection Bill and Hammett's opposition to the Ten Commandments Bill and the display of our Confederate Veteran's Battle Flag.

The Star-News has consistently covered up Hammett's anti-Christian, anti-Conservative and anti-Southern voting record.

It is quite un-American and contrary to the fair election process for our local newspaper to show such favoritism for a candidate by providing free political ads on the front page for one candidate, such as Seth Hammett, while requiring other candidates to pay for their ads elsewhere in the paper.

Shame on the Star-News.

Fairness not favoritism should be the byword of the newspaper.

If Hammett's free political ad is the one granted by the Star-News as a public service on the front page for each candidate to announce their candidacy, then like those of all other candidates, it should have been in the lower half of the front page with the small photo of the candidate and titled as the candidates' announcement.

Otherwise, as Seth Hammett's opposition for State Representative, I should also receive a free, top of the front-page news article, large photo, with huge title of my choosing.

Organizations that truly defend the family and our children, such as the Alabama Christian Coalition, have given Seth Hammett an "F" for his horrible voting record for gambling that takes food, clothing and care from our children.

As to the Star-News article's claim that Hammett is the "children's hero", one must remember that the award was given from one politician, Bill Fuller (appointed by Don Siegelman to head the Welfare Department) to another politician, Seth Hammett.

Roger Broxton



The Andalusia Star-News considers it its responsibility to the community to report worthwhile events that occur in the community, such as awards and recognition bestowed upon any citizen or candidate.

Should Mr. Broxton receive an award, we would provide equal coverage.)