Letters to the Editor August 7, 2002

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Resents state's approach to tax payment



Thomas Jefferson said it 225 years ago: "As the nation becomes older, richer and more powerful will be like one big fish in a pond that will gobble up all the little fish." Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, went on to say that when this government fails to represent the people, the people have a responsibility to overthrow this government and set up one that will represent the people.

I'm 62 years old, work in my own business, pay taxes, do not receive a government check of any kind, do not have health insurance (can't afford it) and have reared four children to be law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. Now my government, and yours, says I failed to pay $4.24 in State income tax, and that I now owe an additional $81.24 in penalties, and that, after 10 days, they will turn this over to a collection agency. Plus add any other penalties that may be necessary to collect this $4.24.

I can only wonder of this collection agency that the State of Alabama employs will come and break both arms, legs, etc. If the State of Alabama, in its wisdom, had simply written me a letter stating that I owed $4.24 in tax, I would have written a check and sent it to them. But I won't pay on threats.

I served in the US Marine Corps and was very proud of my country in the late 50s,. but I think now we may need our troops in this country to protect the citizens of this country from its governments.

Very truly yours,

Robert H. Worley


Moore proves his religious bigotry

An August 1 Associated Press article by Greg Giuffrida reported that Roy Moore called for Christians to stand up and fight for their religious rights in elections. Moore was speaking to the Christian Coalition, a political organization hostile to constitutional guarantees of religious liberty.

Has Moore never read Alabama's Canons of Judicial Ethics or have they been suspended for the duration of his tenure as chief justice?

Would Moore give the same advice to citizens who are Atheist, Jewish or Muslim?

No intellectually honest person knowledgeable of history, law and religion believes Moore is detached from his religious bigotry while performing his duties as a judge.

Consider Moore's own words in Family Voice magazine: "In fact, I find that the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution is founded on a belief that we have a duty to worship God."

Wake up, citizens!

Moore longs for a theocratic government, not our constitutional republic with its guarantees of religious liberty.

Politicians in the executive and legislative branches share complicity in ongoing assaults against the foundation of our government, too

Will a Christian Inquisition in Alabama be necessary before citizen voters know and understand what is happening to religious and other liberties?

Larry Darby,

Attorney at Law Alabama State Director,

American Atheists, Inc.