We need leaders

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 6, 2002

From the very beginnings of human culture, we have been a communal society, one in which people rely on and help each other to survive and thrive. As our society has grown larger and more complex, we stand in danger of losing that ability to care and work for the common good. It is easier to write a check to the Red Cross than it is to take time out to give blood. Why should we donate time at the Goodwill store when we can just donate our cast-off clothing there instead?


Because it is essential to the welfare of this city, this county, this country. It should not have to take a national disaster to prompt a national response to need. We send boxes of food to tornado victims when there are those who go hungry every day. We ease our consciences by dropping pocket change in a collection jar, but we don't do anything ourselves to help the person in need.

The Hebrew term is "chesed" - an act of mercy done for the sake mercy, not to buy into heaven's good graces or into positive public relations. Christians call it simply "caring."

We need more people who actively care. There are several charitable organizations in this area, such as the United Fund and the Red Cross, who need the experience of our business community to ensure continued growth and service. While the leadership of these groups is excellent, there is only so much one or two people can do.

There are civic and business "leaders" in this town, many retired, who could contribute to the welfare of the community by contributing their efforts and expertise to these causes or those similar. And yet, too few dedicated individuals come forward.

Groups like the United Fund touch all our lives in one way or another. It could be your child in need of blood, it could be your neighbor's elderly parent in need of transportation, it could be you, simply in need. In order for these groups to work for the betterment of the city, it is essential that the city work for the betterment of the groups.

Your checks are always appreciated - but your time is treasured.

It is time to give more than money, but to truly give of yourself.