Letters to the Editor August 16, 2002

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 15, 2002

Wants Highway 84 named for Seth Hammett

Dear Editor:

If not already, consideration should be made to name the stretch of Highway 84, upon completion of the four lane, beginning in front of LBW to Opp city limits in honor of Seth Hammett. Recognizing him for his tireless and productive efforts for the betterment of Covington County and its citizens. The "Seth Hammett Expressway".


Don F. Cotton

Will kill snake to save her kids

Dear Editor:

Please, tell the person the wrote in saying that snakes should not be killed because they are "Endangered species" should get their facts straight. Also, since when can we bite a snake and they die?

They obviously don't have small children or don't care.

We live directly across the road from where the snake was killed and I have four children under the age of thirteen who play outside all the time. They know not to go near a snake and to let an adult know that there's one in the yard so that we can KILL it, but when kids get to playing they forget to watch where they are going.

So, I believe we have every

right to kill a snake that's a danger to anyone. It's not like someone's pet was killed or some other defenseless animal.

I can't believe that someone would actually put the life of a snake over another person's.

Theresa Huckabaa

Volunteers needed in many places

Dear Editor:

This is written in regard to the editorial of August 7

titled "We Need Leaders." It is true we need more volunteers in Andalusia but they need not have been leaders in their business or elsewhere in order to be good volunteers. There are a number of groups that need more workers.

In addition to the ones mentioned in your editorial, others are: Meals on Wheels, whose volunteers take meals from the hospital kitchen to people who live alone and cannot cook for themselves, and Acts of Kindness, which distributes food once a monthly to those people who come needing it and takes a number of food baskets to people who cannot get out.

Another is Three Notch Museum, which can only stay open Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons because there are so few volunteers, each of whom works several times a month.

I am sure there are others, but these are places I know about from personal experience as a volunteer. From these experiences, I know that a volunteer gains as much as the person being helped.

Jane Wiggins