Highway 84 work goes on

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 16, 2002

A project by S.A. Graham Construction Co. Inc. in Brundidge from U.S. 84 from Covington County Road 30 to Alabama 141 and the Curtis community in Coffee County began Monday, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation. The project encompasses four miles.

The project is part of an overall project to build a new four-lane road on U.S 84.

According to Project Engineer Kenneth Carter, crew members have started placing caution signs on the road, and the project started on Monday.

Another project is also continuing near the Opp Bypass up to County Road 30, and also encompasses four miles.

This is also a grading and draining project.

"We have been working on this project for about three weeks and it is going well," said Carter. "This is mainly a grading and drainage project."

Carter said a crew is working about 10 and a half hours on the Opp Bypass project and said that 15-20 men are working on both projects.

An estimated completion date for the Graham Construction project is January of 2004, but Carter said he expects completion before that date.

The Opp Bypass project, being conducted by W. S. Newell of Montgomery, is estimated to be completed on November 20, 2003, but Carter said he expects that project to be completed earlier than that estimated date as well.

The cost for the 333 (6) project,

or the Opp Bypass project is slated at $1,459.837 while the cost of the 333 (7) project, or the one covering from County Road 30 to Alabama 141 is slated at $1,632,731.