Letters to the Editor August 20, 2002

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 19, 2002

Doesn't want 84 named for Seth Hammett

Dear Editor:

I do not think Highway 84

should be named for Seth Hammett. The taxpayers paid him twice for his job. They paid him while he was in Montgomery and while he was not working in his job at the College. Who else do you know that gets paid when they are not working? It would be interesting for him to furnish a list of people that works for him, how much their salary is, and what they do.

Jewell Johnson

Florala, Alabama

People just don't care

Dear Editor:

We've noted the articles written by Ms. Santanna Casey, such maturity, depth and observations by Ms. Casey are astounding. Her article, "No one stopped to help at accident scene" gives the condition of this country. We have seen this too.

Mr. Duane O'Neal writes occasionally and a few weeks ago he hit on a fact that in truth, is the core of our nature. We have witnessed time after time, people use parking spaces reserved for the handicapped and disabled, The ones we have seen are two types: a person "using someone's vehicles that has the privilege; and others who simply have no care or love for others.

We told one of Andalusia's well-known residents a few years back - in front of a supermarket's handicap blue-marked spaces. He parked, WE were rudely and verbally assaulted, This person said they would do as they d-----d pleased,

The first book written it he New Testament was by Mark, not Matthew, but Mark 13:37 means precisely what it says. And Matthew 24:12 is what Ms. Casey saw unfold.

Odis T. Morris