Bowling league action heats up

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Leaves are not the only thing falling. Pins are also falling as bowling league action continues at Boland Lanes II in Andalusia.


Two teams are tied for first place. The Covington Casket Company team and the How'd We Get Here teams both have 56 points after 10 weeks of the 36-week season. The Good, Bad and Lucky team is tied for second with the Wild Bunch.

Last week's top scores among the men included a 245 scratch game by Cliff Sims, 597 scratch series by Tommy Reeves, 248 handicap game by Bryant Crowell and a 679 handicap series by E.J. Dean.

Three women had top scores. Vickie Hejnal had two top scores with a 191 scratch game and a 222 handicap game. Melody Gunter had a 522 scratch series for top honors. Ruth Cook had a 609 handicap series for top honors.


The Bowl Webles are in first place after eight weeks of the 32-week season. The Huddle House team is tied for second with the Advantage Realty team.

Mary Jo Bryant swept the top scores last week with a 195 scratch game, 242 handicap game, 494 scratch series and 635 handicap series.


The Angels and TS&F teams are tied for first place with the MPS' in second.

Last week's top scores were posted by Buddy Jay and Joe Holley. Jay had a 243 scratch game, 579 scratch series and 260 handicap game. Holley had a 659 handicap series.

Gwen Kelly had two top scores among the women with a 240 handicap game and a 668 handicap series. Mary Jordan had a 474 scratch series. Martha Duggan had a 179 scratch game for top honors.


The Loango Convenience team is in first place with 60 points. The Monroe Ladies are tied for second place with The Positive Bowlers.

Sherry Ard had two top scores last week with a 193 scratch game and a 506 scratch series. Alice Bronaugh had the best handicap game with a 237 score. Vicki Lynn Smith posted the best handicap series with a 642.