Is it witch hunt or justice for Martha?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Yesterday, media mogul and arts and crafts maven Martha Stewart handed over more than 1000 pages of documentation relating to her sudden decision to dump ImClone stock just before the price plummeted. Called on the Congressional carpet like her good friend, Sam Waksel, for an investigation of insider trading, Stewart has claimed that her involvement in the scandal has been a Republican witch hunt.

Sorry, Martha, but greed is non-partisan. Despite the long-held belief that all Republicans are grasping, cheating, money-grubbing capitalists who would gladly sacrifice family members for a quick buck, and that all Democrats are tree-hugging, Kumbaya-singing, Birkenstock-wearing liberals who would rather feed an orphaned spotted owl

than agree to a tax cut for industries, it simply isn't so. Once money becomes involved, all those lofty ideals - free trade and quality public education - find themselves on the endangered species list.

There is no black and white, especially in politics, where the good old "Red, White and Blue" can turn into the haziest sort of gray when green is added to the mix. When the final accounting comes, there will be more than one Democrat facing inquiry, and there will be more than one Republican watching as a truly innocent bystander.

To label her involvement as a witch hunt is unfair and untrue. What the committee is hunting is the truth.