More WNV cases found

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 20, 2002

According to a press release from the Alabama Department of Public Health, it has been reported that two more cases of infection from the West Nile Virus have been found in Alabama.

A 46-year-old Tuscaloosa County man was confirmed to have the virus and a 46-year-old Montgomery County female was reported as being a probable case. The patients are currently recovering.

The two reported findings bring the number of human cases to five this year in four counties. There are now 34 mosquito pools positive for the virus in six counties, 252

WNV-positive birds and five WNV-positive horses from 42 of the state's 67 counties.

In 2001, 59 positive birds in 13 counties were detected and none earlier than the end of August.

In 2001, the state experienced two human cases of the West Nile infection, one of which was fatal.

The Department of Public Health, in its release, said it will continue efforts to inform the public about the importance of personal protection measures individuals can take to reduce their risks of being bitten by infected mosquitoes. In addition the department will distribute additional information to hospitals and clinics about this disease and the availability of tests for human cases.