Letters to the Editor August 24, 2002

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 23, 2002

Andalusia is the greatest

Dear Editor:

What a really great town you have! This is stated with all sincerity, because we found out first hand that you have the best own in the world to have car trouble in.

After visiting relatives in Florida, we were on the way home to Tennessee when the water pump went out on our car. We were just leaving Andalusia and about to get onto the highway to Georgiana when the disaster happened.

As we turned around, we realized it as almost dark and we had no idea where we might find a mechanic or even water pump at that time of night.

We truly believe providence led us to the "Big Little Service Mart," where everyone took us under their wings and made our troubles theirs.

Our special thanks go tot he angels in disguise:

To Barry Elmore, who was a perfect gentleman. He assisted in the replacing of the fan belt to see if we could drive the car to a motel, but the belt came off again when we started the engine, so he made phone calls, took us to the Best Western Motel and gave us his number in case we needed him for anything else.

We offered Mr. Elmore money for his services but he refused to allow us to pay him in any way. He said he hoped if he ever had trouble that someone would be there to help him.

To Joe Luke and his son of Wore Weld Company Inc. of Red Level, who took it upon himself to phone a local parts store before they closed and located us a new water pump. He went to the parts store and picked up the pump, brought it back to our motel and stated he and his son would be glad to put the pump on that night so we could leave for Cookeville, Tenn., at whatever time we wanted.

Mr. Luke and his son came to the motel at about 1 a.m. Sunday morning with a repaired and ready-to-go vehicle which we were really appreciative of. We settled up with Mr. Luke and his son for the work they did and offered them more money than they charged us, but the refused to take it. They only wanted what they had earned and were just happy they could be of service.

To the lady at the Big Little Service Mart who assisted us when we went in and told her the problem. She immediately asked, from the gentlemen who were in the building, if anyone could help us. She as the one who got this whole process going to get our car repaired and we give her a heartfelt "Thank you!"

We would like to mention others who were so kind and helpful but we will just say "Thanks, Andalusia, what a great town!"

Buddy and Sue Chaffin

Cookeville, TN