Letters to the Editor August 28, 2002

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Teen admired MichaelCouch

Dear Editor:

Hey! My name is Patrick Sorrells, I go to W.S. Neal High School. I played for Brewton American Legion this summer against Michael. He was a great player. I'm glad I got to play with him. He is like me, he leaves it all on the field every game, he gives it his all.

I didn't know him very well, but ever since I have heard, I haven't taken my mind off him, he goes to show everyone that you can go at anytime.

My heart goes out to Zack and the rest of his family. Even though I go to W.S. Neal I will be putting his #34 in my hat or on my jersey.

I wish I could have known him better, but now it's too late. If you can show his family this message and love I want to show for their son. Thank you very much.

Patrick Sorrells #20


Why doesn't the county spray?

Dear Editor:

I live outside the city limits of Andalusia but work in town.

As I leave work at night I often see little white trucks spraying for mosquitoes. It is a sign of relief when I see these trucks because I know the City of Andalusia is doing everything they can to step up the fight against these disease caring insects.

Also, I believe that it is the citizen's duty to make sure that standing water and other breeding grounds for mosquitoes on their property are properly taken care of.

I would also like to know why actions such as those taken in the city limits are not being taken outside the city limits.

I know that it is not the City of Andalusia's job or responsibility to take care of the towns and neighborhoods outside of the city limits but I believe that the county officials should take some action to help protect the county residents as well.

To me, it seems to defeat the purpose of spraying inside the city and not outside.

After all, Mosquitoes are flying insects.

Daniel Palmer

Give credit where it's due

Dear Editor:

National recognition was recently received by the Alabama Reading Initiative directed by Dr. Katherine Mitchell of the Department of Education. Governor Siegelman is in error to claim credit for this successful program. The plans for the program originated in Governor Fob James' administration. In 1995 Gov. James put phonics into his education bill.

In 1996 the potential for a reading program that works was the subject of a meeting initiated by Eagle Forum of Alabama Education Chairman Joan Kendall and President Eunie Smith with Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Joe Morton, Assistant Superintendent of Education. Under discussion was the recently published book by Dr. William Honig, former superintendent of California schools, which bedunked purely whole language methodology and expressed support for phonics as the basis for successful reading.

Dr. Mitchell subsequently formed a committee to look objectively at the research and develop a plan that could ultimately see 1005 of Alabama's children reading at grade level. The Steering Committee included Joan Kendall of Eagle Forum and Caroline Novak of A+.

Initial funding for teaching research based on methodology to all teachers in 16 pilot schools was raised by A+ and Eagle Forum. Governor Fob James contributed $100,000 a year from his discretionary funds. Statewide expansion began in 1999 when the Legislature began allocating the money.

The Alabama Reading Initiative has been the result of a collaborative effort between teaching professionals and citizen volunteers who took time to dig into the research and motivate others to contribute.

Betty A. Bostwick