Andalusia High School students affected by death of classmate Michael Couch

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 29, 2002

I was not fortunate enough to get to know Michael Couch. He was in my P.E. class in seventh grade at Andalusia Middle School and I have always known who he was.

Even though I didn't know him, I still cried when he died. While going to class, I would always see him in the halls. I cried because he has touched so many people at Andalusia High School and other places.

Everyone I talked to told me that I would have liked him and that he was always nice to everyone.

After this tragedy happened, the school brought in grief counselors. Most of the teachers

sympathized with the students and pretty much took the day to grieve. Now some students are making black and crimson ribbons to wear in his memory.

It is amazing how one person could touch so many lives, even people he didn't know very well or at all.

Friday, all of the students went to the football field during break and said a prayer for Michael and his family. Then they said one for Luke Popwell, who was also in a automobile accident the same night.

Michael was much more than just a football player and all around sports guy. He couldn't have touched so many people if he was. He was a friend to many students at Andalusia High School, people in the community and students that he was rivals with in football.

There were many people at the funeral but there were many more that wanted to be there, but didn't feel right being there

because their teams were rivals. I know of a boy from Opp that said he really liked Michael and respected him as an opponent that said he wished he could have gone to Michael's funeral, but he didn't want to offend the people from Andalusia. The First Baptist Church parking lot was already completely full and people were parking down the street. Just think if everyone had gone to pay their respect to him, there would have been very few people in town that day.

With the first football game of the season today, Michael will surely be on the minds of everyone participating.

We should all pray for Michael's family and friends during this difficult time.