Bond#039;s mission is no secret

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Bond, Kevin Bond. No he is not the son, nephew or even related to the secret agent James Bond 007. He is the opposite of the fictitious secret agent. He has a license to save not kill. His mission is not a secret. It is one he shares with everyone he comes into contact with on a daily basis.

Spend just 30 seconds talking with Kevin Bond, 18, and an invitation to attend a church service at Andalusia Full Gospel Tabernacle is sure to be offered. Since hanging up his cleats as a star high school football and baseball player Bond has followed his heart and became an associate pastor at the church.

His days of playing high school sports at Red Level and later at Straughn helped prepare him for his calling. The same leadership qualities he displayed on the gridiron and baseball diamond less than a year ago are now being used to spread the Word.

"At Red Level, I tried to be a vocal leader and I tried my best to have prayer after practice. I was in the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) there," Bond said. "At Straughn, when I moved there, I was well accepted. Me and Jacob Morgan were co-presidents of FCA there. I was just part of the puzzle and fit into what they had going.

"I tried to be the best witness I could be," Bond added.

He said his new role is not that different from his old one of being a student-athlete.

"In ball, you have to have the mind set that we can win no matter what," Bond said. "In the ministry, you have to have the same attitude -- that anything is possible. If you'll put everything on God, He'll give you the self-confidence you need."

Bond said Philippians 4:13 tells us, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Rev. John Hunt, who serves as the pastor at Andalusia Full Gospel Tabernacle, said Bond's experience in high school sports help him serve as an associate pastor.

"The sports side of it gives him a competitive edge to want to come out on top," Hunt said.

His involvement in high school sports is just one thing that prepared him to be an associate pastor.

Bond has also suffered great loss in his life. His mother died after a struggle with cancer. Then, he lost his grandmother and "12-year-old baby sister"

when a tornado demolished his home.

Both tragedies now serve as inspiration to help others. The loss of his mother, grandmother and sister also prepared him to talk with individuals dealing with a great loss.

Bond said his sister Meagan had stayed home from school sick with their grandmother. His Dad came home from work to take Meagan to the doctor. He took a phone call when he began to hear hail falling. He raced to the other end of the house to check on Meagan and the grandmother and the next thing he knew "he woke up on the other side of the road," Bond said.

Bond said he has felt called to the ministry since age 14 and this recent opportunity at Andalusia Full Gospel Tabernacle gives him the chance to fulfill that calling.

He said God works in mysterious ways and the tornado might be one of those ways.

"I believe one reason it happened was because the Lord let it happen to strengthen me and enable me to understand," Bond said.

Rev. Hunt said the tragedy gives Bond a unique perspective on life.

"Kevin is a good boy," Hunt said. "It (the tornado) really made him look at things from a different side of life. Kevin really wants to help those in need.

"He does have a wonderful desire to help people and he does a good job," he added.

Bond remains a sports fan, but now He the game of life is more important to him. His goal is to share God's word.

He could have gone into coaching and perhaps ended up as a recruiter for a college football program.

Instead, he chose to recruit for Jesus Christ.

He is no longer carrying the football downfield for a touchdown or belting a game-winning hit in a baseball game. Now, he is more interested in helping others win eternal life in Heaven.

Bond is a student at LBW Junior College where he is on an ensemble scholarship. He also serves as an associate pastor at Andalusia Full Gospel Tabernacle with Rev. John Hunt, pastor and associate pastor Waylon Bush.