Football games provide more than a sport

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 30, 2002

I love football season.

It is not the game I like, but just going to the games on Friday nights. I don't really care too much about the game. I have never been real heavy into sports.

I go to just have a good time. I will occasionally watch the game, that is a rarity. I go to walk around and see who I can see.

For me, the game is a place to socialize. There aren't very many places in Andalusia for teenagers to go. It is true that we have more than some towns. We have a bowling alley, but as soon as you get done bowling the owner makes you leave. You can't even sit in the parking lot.

The game just gives some people a place to go on the weekend. You can see friends that you always talk to, ones you haven't seen in a while or make new ones.

Football games are a pretty safe place to go. There are cops there to ensure students' and parents' safety and there are teachers to watch what is going on during the game. They are a deterrent for fights and other things that don't need to be going on at a school function, but they are not too intrusive with their presence. It isn't like they are hanging around watching everybody just to scare people or even to get anybody in trouble. I think they are just there in case something starts.

I had heard of plans by the Leisure Services Department to build a skate-boarding ramp at Johnson Park. I think this would be a really good idea. It would not only give something to do it would also give the ones that don't want to participate something to watch.

I am grateful for what we already have, but I just can't help wanting more. I just think it would be nice if there were some other place that didn't cost very much to go to and where people could just sit around and talk and goof off.