Preparing children to be leaders

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 30, 2002

The comforting feel of the comforter cocoons the warmth of sleep around me as I struggled to push the edges of wakefulness from my mind. After all its Sunday, my one day for a little "me" time. The time before church, before the ball game starts and most especially before the other occupants of this otherwise busy house awaken. The quiet moments before getting started for the day usually the only ones that I have to myself.

During this time I often like to wonder what my life will be like in the upcoming years. Will they be happy or touched by sadness? Will they be rich in not only material things, but also in love, laughter and health, or will they be tinged with hardship? Will my daughter grow up in a world full of peace or strife?

I know these are not question I should ask myself. Instead, I should prepare for the future. Make plans to achieve my goals and do my best to see them through until the end.

With the world as it is today, the uncertainty of tomorrow will always be a questions in our minds. Each time we turn on the television or open a newspaper or magazine we are regaled with

unfortunate stories of murder and mayhem that leaves a sour taste in your month and an empty feeling in your stomach. It's up to small community papers like The Andalusia Star-News to remind us that amongst the chaos a small dots of hope are peppered along the headlines. With their stories these headlines give us glimpses into the world of our children.

"Miss Memolusia Crowned"

"Scouts gathering old flags to retire"

"AES featured in magazine"

Those are the headlines I want to see.

Each of those stories and more highlight our achievements and our greatest hope for the future: our children.

Through the things we teach them today, they learn to be better. Better in their academic life, their personal life and bottom line, just better people.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

If we teach our children to be compassionate, they learn to care.

If we teach our children to be understanding, they will learn to listen.

If we teach our children to love, they will learn to forgive.

It's for one simple reason: what we teach our children today prepares them to be the leaders of tomorrow.