Rules to remember before speaking

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Some things in life never cease to amaze me. The overwhelming wealth of coincidences often labeled "jinxes" multiply with each passing day of my life. Some of the jinxes are spoken, but others are understood - or misunderstood in my particular case. Allow me to explain.

We have all seen common jinxes and most of us "knock on wood" when we have heard them spoken. My favorite jinx is, "I haven't gotten a speeding ticket in quite a while." It does matter if I "knock on wood" or "rub a four-leaf clover" - if those words leave my lips, then I will see blue lights in the near future. So I refrain from thinking about my extreme amount of bad luck.

Another common jinx most people put on themselves out of arrogance or ignorance, pick one, is the "it will never happen to me" jinx. How people can you name who have jinxed themselves by uttering those words?

Most people have come to understand that if those words are spoken, then those events will surely occur in the near future.

Other such jinxes are most likely shared by the common public. Some of these jinxes are probably noticed more by women than by men.

I am taking about the white or black clothing jinx. Oh yes, it is widely known I am sure. If you wear a white shirt or pants, then everything that can possibly create a stain will be drawn to your clothes. If you wear a black shirt or pants, then every piece of lint will find its way to you.

I discovered a new jinx just today. It seems as though my luck with keeping my food off of my shirt becomes thin when I dress nicely. I woke this morning and decided it would be nice to throw on a dress shirt and tie. Nothing wrong with the idea, right? Well I was wrong.

I usually have no problem making the connection from my dinner plate to my mouth. My use for a bib was weaned some time ago and I have prided myself in making my mother proud to have a son who can feed himself. Somehow I think the food sensed I had dressed nicely. To make a long story shot, every piece of food on my plate had a mark on my shirt.

These jinxes can be avoided if you follow a few simple guidelines. Never say "it" won't happen to you, avoid black and white clothing, and never eat food while wearing a tie.