New ER benefits all

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 2, 2002

No one really likes having to go to the hospital, unless it is to visit the newest addition to the family in the maternity ward. Otherwise, those visits involve concern, distress, or fear, even when the patient is recovering from a successful, life-saving operation.

But at some time or another, almost every person will make that visit, either as a patient or a member of the patient's family. Now, thanks to the foresight and aggressive growth plan of Andalusia Regional Hospital, that visit may be less formidable and more helpful than ever before. The opening of the new Emergency Room is only one facet of the hospital's growth plan. It arises from the hospital's recent addition of a maternity wing and its proposed renovation of the physical therapy unit. Besides the new ER, visitors are offered new waiting rooms, a gift shop, a new mediation room for prayer, and an environment that is restful and soothing for those who are concerned, distressed, or fearful.

On a less aesthetic, but more practical level, the new ER offers better service - more rooms and better equipment, as well as more privacy for those being served by the doctors, nurses and technicians. The ER is closer to the helipad for medical emergency flights, and the ambulance drivers have better - and safer - access.

Moving the ER to the new wing also opens up the old facilities for the Physical Therapy Department, again benefiting the community as it expands and is able to serve more people with better equipment and more room.

The new ER won't be perfect - there are always glitches in anything new, and behind the technology, there are human operators who, being human, are not perfect. But the hospital's commitment to bringing this state-of-the-art emergency room to Andalusia proves its commitment to the people of Andalusia.