Bowling league results reported

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 3, 2002

Bowling league action for the fall season is under way in Andalusia.


The Bowl Weebles are in first place after four weeks of the 32-week season. The Bowl Weebles have earned 24 points so far this season. The Huddle House team is tied for second with the Lonango Convenience team. The rest of the standings include the Lets Roll, The Crips, the Alley Cats and the Advantage Realty 2 teams.

Last week's top scores were posted by Charlotte Maughon and Gaby Harrelson. Maughon had a 224 scratch game, 295 handicap game and 704 handicap series for top honors. Harrelson had a 559 scratch series.

Maughon's scratch game and handicap game scores are also new season high scores for the league. The best scratch series for the season is a 609 posted by Melody Gunter. She also has the best scratch series with a 705.


The Berry Patch team is in first place with 18 points followed by Ama & The PaPa's, the Teenagers, OOPS, Advantage and Wonders teams.

Last week's top scores were posted by Dennis Murphy and Bobby Davis. Murphy had a 235 scratch game, 620 scratch series and 716 handicap series. Davis had a 267 handicap game. All of the top scores were new season high scores.

The top scores among the women were a 198 scratch game, 572 scratch series, 238 handicap game and 692 handicap series all posted by Mary Jordan. The high scores for the season are a 204 scratch game and a 572 scratch series by Jordan. Bonnie Puckett had the best handicap scores of the season with a 270 handicap game and a 701 handicap series.


The Intimidators are in first place followed by the Always "One" team after seven weeks of league play. Rounding out the standings are the Trauma Team, PFUI!!, Kinfolk and Granny's Brood.

Last week's top scores were posted by Buudy Jay. Joy Terry and Melody Gunter. Jay had a 268 scratch game, 671 scratch series, 279 handicap game and 704 handicap game.

Terry had a 216 scratch game, 252 handicap game and 601 handicap series. Gunter had the best scratch series with a 503. Terry and Gunter also have the season high scores.

Ben Parsons has the top men's

scores for the season with a 288 scratch game, 699 scratch series, 309 handicap game and 762 handicap series.