Procrastination pro

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 3, 2002

As I sit here trying to start this column, I ask myself why didn't I do this earlier when I had more time?

Procrastination. I

am the master of it.

Here it is at the last minute, and I am trying to write this column. I had planned on writing it before it had to be done and just have it ready Thursday. I had every intention of doing it earlier, but it has gotten put off and put off until now is when it has to be done.

Another example of this really bad habit is school assignments. I always put them off until I can't put them off anymore.

In my anatomy and physiology class, we have an assignment to draw and label what seems like every bone in the body. Of course, I haven't even started on it yet. (Sorry Mrs. Sasser!)

If I would just go on ahead and do it, it wouldn't take too long to do. It is just the thought of sitting there drawing all those bones and coloring them and labeling them. I just make up some excuse that lets me put it right out of my mind and go on about whatever it is I want to do.

I know this is a bad habit to have and I need to change it. I am about the worst one in the world about putting something off until I just completely forget about it.

There is always something more fun or more important or just something else to do. There is also always some excuse.

It is easy to procrastinate, but when it gets to the point you can not put something off anymore, it just makes you miserable because you dread to do it, but you know you have to or suffer the consequences.

It could be a teenager in high school not wanting to do an English paper or it could be someone in the work force not wanting to file some papers or something. Either way it will have bad consequences if you aren't very careful about putting off the things you need to do.

If you can wait until the last minute to do what you need to do and still get it done and actually done right, good. Me, I just better do what I

need to when I have time because when I wait around to do things, things just never seem to get done.