October filled with special days

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 4, 2002

Looking at the proclamations and declarations, October is a busy - and somewhat somber - month.

Besides Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Fire Safety Month, it is also` Clergy Appreciation Month.

There is, apparently, a month and day designated for anything anyone can think of. Don't believe me? I don't blame you - October is also Sarcastic Month.

Without taking away from the seriousness of what I consider real observations - domestic abuse and cancer awareness, I though it would be fun to share the lighter side of October's festivities. The harvest mentality is alive and well in October, since it is the official month for cookies, pizza, country ham, popcorn and seafood – and apple jack to wash it all down.

I think October 1 through 7 is Get Organized Week, but I can't find the notes I wrote down about it.The next week

is Pet Peeve Week - no room for that in one column! And the week of October 21-27 is Pastoral Care Week, a nice reversal as we care for our caregivers.

Sad to say, we've already missed World Vegetarian Day, Name Your Car Day and Techies Day, Oct. 1 through 3, respectively. Golfers had little to celebrate on National Golf Day - yesterday - with a rained-out celebration.

Today - and keep this in mind as you go downtown to the VALA fall festival - is Do Something Nice Day - remember that some of the money collected will benefit the Andalusia Animal Shelter, all too appropriate since it is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

What do we have to look forward to, besides the obvious Halloween? More goodies! Oct. 7 is National Frappe Day - it is also Bald and Free Day - we hope for all the frappe lovers out there that there is no correlation. Oct. 10 is Angel Food Cake Day, the 14th is National Dessert Day the 20th doubles as Brandied Fruit Day and Sweetest Day,

and Oct. 30 is, appropriately enough, Candy Corn Day.

Of course, if you don't have a sweet tooth, there is always Oct.

22, National Nut Day, Oct.

24, National Bologna Day - and we would be remiss by omitting Oct. 9 - Moldy Cheese Day - which falls on the same date as Curious Events Day (making one wonder who it was who was the first person curious - or hungry - enough to eat moldy cheese).

October seems to be a month of reflections. In this month of falling leaves and temperatures, we can look forward to Evaluate Your Life Day (Oct. 19), and Make a Difference Day, (Oct. 26.) If, after all of the introspection and reflection, you decide to make some changes in your life - starting with your appearance – you have a choice. On the 17th, you can Wear Something Gaudy, on the 21st you can Count Your Buttons, on the 18th you can shave and participate in No Beard Day,

or, going all out, on the 25th, you can be a Punk for a Day.

We deal with irritants all the time, but it seems some have their own special days set apart. On the 12, we have Moment of Frustration Day. The 23rd day of the month seems to have come in for more than its share - it celebrates mothers-in-law, moles and talk show hosts.

If all of this is too much to take in, remember that Oct. 21, is Babbling Day, so you can take your plush teddy bear, which you on honored on Oct. 11 for Teddy Bear Day and on Oct. 28 for Plush Animal Lover's Day, and observe Oct. 29 - Hermit Day.

With any luck, you will recover within 24 hours and emerge –

just in time for Mischief Day.