Letters to the Editor 10-08-2002

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 7, 2002

Citizen of the Year sought

Dear Editor:

Each year the Andalusia Kiwanis Club names a "Citizen of the Year" at its

annual Fair Appreciation Night in early December. We seek nominations from throughout the community.

We would appreciate nominations from you for this award. It is given given for service to the community over the past year or period of years. This award seeks to recognize citizens who go above and beyond the call of duty in performing community service in a volunteer capacity. It should be for service other than occupation or profession.

Of course, you should keep this nomination confidential. It should be mailed to:

Citizen of the Year Committee

Andalusia Kiwanas Club

P.O. Box 523

Andalusia, AL 36420

In your nomination, please give your reasons for thinking this person is deserving of the award. Please limit this to one sheet.

Thanks for your participation.


Rick Kyle, President

Andalusia Kiwanis Club

What is peace?

Dear Editor:

What is peace? Peace is the condition that exists when no one is fighting. Peace brings thoughts of friendly relations, freedom from noise, worries, troubles, fears, a sense of public order, secuity, tranquility and calm.

What is war? War is the instance of armed conflict between nations, groups or individuals. War brings thoughts of hostility, extermination, distruction, carnage and death.

Peace can be eternal. War cannot. War must have a beginning, a middle and an end. The first step toward ending a war is a cease-fire, followed by diplomacy, compromise and rebuilding of that which was damaged or destroyed. The dead will have no renewal or rebirth; they will stay dead.

What if our leaders and our people were intelligent enough to avoid the war altogether and use the billions of dollars that will be spent on destruction for deplomacy, compromise and a new building?

The "war" President Bush has declared on terrorism is not a war at all. It is a metaphor for war, like the American Cancer Society's war on cancer, Lyndon Johnson's war on poverty or the Czar's war on drugs. The war on terrorism, the war on cancer, the war on poverty nor the war on drugs will ever end. These are pseudo-wars. Real wars must end, and they have consequences, more horrible than we can imagine.

Thank you,

Alice Cleveland Shiver