Give your fair share

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 8, 2002

What's a dollar, here and there? We drop them into video games, we lose them in the washer, we collect them in the form of old pennies in the Mason jar above the washing machine. Pocket change.

What about $10 or $20 dollars? One dinner out, perhaps, or a date to the movies, a new paperback, or CD, steak instead of hamburger.

Can you live without steak for one meal? Or stay at home and watch a video for one date? What may be only a passing thought to you, financially speaking, can make a world of difference to someone else. By donating one hour's pay once a month to the Andalusia United Fund, your one meal out can feed a family at Acts of Kindness. Your sacrificed movie date can send a Scout Troop to camp. Giving up your new paperback can help pay for a new hardback for the public library.

When a community pools its resources, the community benefits in all ways.

Helping the victim of domestic abuse and helping the children involved helps reweave the fabric of our society, the institutions of the "good old days" when neighbors truly looked out for each other.

Some of that small-town, caregiving attitude has disappeared in these days of big business. Now, big business, and small business, medium business, corporate business and Mom and Pop business - have a chance to restore some of that small-town caring attitude. The Andalusia United Fund will have its Kickoff luncheon Oct. 17 at 11:45

at the Kiwanis building. Members of those organizations served by Andalusia United Fund - and serving Andalusia and Covington County – will be on hand to explain exactly what they do and how the United Fund helps them. Everyone should attend - but above all, members of our business community. By stepping forward and attending the luncheon, they are saying "How can we help our community? By stepping forward now, they are setting an example for their employees and customers to follow. This town supports many industries, which in turn support the town. There is no reason not to add another element of support in that cycle - the element of caring.

It's time to put in your two cents worth - or your dollar's worth, or your $20 dollars worth. It's time to contribute your fair share.

Attend the kickoff - show you care. Call the Chamber of Commerce at 222-2030

now for reservations.