Letters to the Editor 10-12-2002

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 11, 2002

Feels child was abused

Dear Editor:

This article is mainly being written to let all parents know how our School Board System is not to much concern with our child's rights when corporal punishment leaves multiple bruises on a child's backside. The recent evens happen to my child, at Pleasant Home High School. My child is seven years old and is in the second grade. My child was paddled for standing up on the school bus. Well the punishment he received was not right. He was paddled with a large board (paddle) the one use on older students not the little paddle. This individual paddles my child leaving multiple bruises on my child's backside. Note this is the second time this type of abuse was done on my child. The individual was told the first time to contact me if he was going to paddle my child again.

Again I was not notified of the issue. My child came home and had bruises all over his backside that was so bad it was black and blue marks all in the middle part of his backside. My wife and I took it upon our selves to go to the school and get some answers on why he was bruised and to confront the individual who did this to my child. The school did nothing but pat him on his back. Their excuse was they did not know this was going on. Mostly they talk about if we took it further that it would only hurt the image of Pleasant Home School. So I took my child to the Sheriff's office were an officer was very helpful in saying "if he done this to my child I would do the same to him" note again the DA's office did not show the pictures of my son's backside. So neither the school nor the Sheriff's office was any help. Come to find out the School Board was my next stop in getting this individual out of Pleasant Home School so that someone else's child does not have to go through the fear and torment my child is facing at Pleasant Home High School. The only thing I got at the School Board is a complete run around. They first tried to blow me off by saying they were busy but I told them I was not letting this issue go until that person is removed from our school system. Since this happen Pleasant Home School including my child's bus driver has given my child one of the hardest times ever. Note my child is the only one who gets suspended for standing up on the bus when there are multiple students standing up each morning when he gets on the bus. They are not being suspended at all. The teacher has him writing in pen because she tells him that he breaks his pencil lead too much. The teacher also tells him he will have to buy her a new pencil sharper because she calms he broke it. He always gets in trouble when other students, one in particular, in which their families use to work for the school. That child always has something to with my child getting in trouble. You would think the school would move them apart. No they sit them side by side in class and on the bus. The School Board sent me a letter saying they went to the school and investigate the whole issue. The results were that the school only has one paddleboard. Meaning Pleasant Home School only has one Board that they use to paddle all students not different size paddles, just one size. Not true I have a 24 year old son and a 20 year old son who attend Pleasant Home High School for many years they and 15 other student are willing to testify that Pleasant Home has multiple paddle boards in multiple sizes. My 7 year old son was paddle with what he called the big boys paddle not the one he was previously paddled with. The reason for this letter is to get the word out about this individual at Pleasant Home High School who is abusing my child and other children as well. The main issue here is not about the Pleasant Homes School image it's about our children's safety and there rights as children. Do you know if I was to bruise my child like the individual at Pleasant Home High School did would be in jail. So my question here is he can abuse our children and get away with it. I want him removed from the school that's all I ask the School Board to do and still I get nothing they are protecting him!

As concerned parents I would like for anyone with any question or comments to please feel free to call me or email me. He must be removed before he bruises your child or someone's child you know.

Thank you,


Anthony B. Migliaccio Sr.