Letters to the Editor 10-16-2002

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 15, 2002

City helped out with Pumpkin Patch

Dear Editor:

Our St. Mary's Pumpkin Patch festival was a success this last Saturday. The city was allowing us to use Robinson Park. Early Saturday morning, we realized that the power had gone out at the park. After a phone call, at least two city crews arrived to change out a transformer. We got power back and the entertainment went on.

Thanks to the utility department, our day was a success.

Thank you.

D. Campbell Kyle

Energy Awareness Day Oct. 31

Dear Editor:

Oct. 31, 2002 is designated as Energy Awareness Day. Each year, the Department of Energy uses the onset of winter to promote energy conservation. With higher cost of fuel oil still here, the rising prices in natural gas, and electricity, celebrating a successful conservation program like the Weatherization Assistance Program is essential. It serves as the nation's core program for delivering energy efficiency services to low-income households.

The Weatherization Assistance Program is working hard helping communities with homes of truly needy families to make a difference in their lives. After our services, they experienced an average of 20 percent or more on energy reduction. This means they're able to put back money to buy groceries, visit a doctor, buy medicine or improve their standard of living.

"Who wouldn't be proud of a program that can do this everyday?"

For us it is "Weatherization Day"every day!

For more information on our Weatherization Assistance Program please contact our office:

Organized Community Action Program.

Ms. Annette Shepherd

Weatherization Coordinator

Weatherization Division

P.O. Box 908

Troy, Alabama 36081

(334) 566-1712