President at Auburn

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 28, 2002

During a speech at Auburn University on Thursday,

President Bush discussed the current war on terrorism while also taking time to politic on behalf of various Alabama Republican candidates.

Bush issued a clear warning during his remarks to Iraq leader Saddam Hussein about disarming his nation.

"I hope Saddam Hussein hears the call from freedom-loving nations and does what he said he would do, which is disarm," said Bush. "If he doesn't, for the sake of peace, for the sake of our children, for the children's children. If he doesn't act and the United Nations will not act, the United States will lead a coalition to disarm Saddam Hussein."

Bush continued, saying America will maintain its policy of capturing or killing terrorists who threaten Americans.

He also had other harsh words regarding Hussein.

"Also (Hussein) can't stand America," said Bush. "He can't stand our friends. He can't stand our values."

The president also stated that the war on terrorism will likely be one that will not end anytime in the near future.

"We've got a lot of work to do," said Bush. "There are still a lot of killers on the loose, but I've unleashed one of the finest militaries in the history of mankind."

Bush spoke to a crowd estimated at 14,000 at Hitchcock Field, home of the Auburn University baseball team.

Other highlights of the event included performances by the Auburn University Marching Band and the Auburn University Concert Choir. Bush got the crowd on his side early in his remarks, beginning his speech with a loud "War Eagle" cheer.

While the war on terrorism was a key item in his remarks, Bush also issued his support for Gubernatorial candidate Bob Riley, who is opposing incumbent Don Siegelman, Mike Rogers, who is running for the 3rd District Congressional seat which Riley is vacating, and U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions.

Bush noted Riley's prowess in building small businesses and said that is a good reason for state voters to elect Riley.

"If you're worried about jobs being an issue in Alabama, then it seems you ought to to have somebody who knows how to create a job," said Bush.

In discussing Rogers, Bush said the congressional candidate will no doubt keep in plan Bush's tax relief plan.

"Make sure you send to the United States Congress a man I can work with," said Bush. "That man is Mike Rogers."

The visit to Auburn is Bush's second campaign-related trip to the state and he was also in Alabama in July to assist in Riley's fundraising campaign.