Keep Halloween safe and fun for all

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Halloween is all about fear. For children, it is the secret thrill of "safe" fear – they get the adrenaline rush while knowing, deep down, they were never really in danger at all.,

For parents, teachers, law enforcement, and medical personnel, it is a different kind of fear. Will the child in the dark Ninja costume run out in front of a car? Will the little ballerina enter a stranger's house, never to be seen again? Will some twisted excuse for a human being decide to put poison in the candy?

Halloween is supposed to be about fun. The children trade themselves in for secret identities and the mischievous freedom anonymity promises. Parents get to feel like children again.

With some basic safety tips, such as those printed in yesterday's issue of The Star-News, tonight can be about fun.

Don't let the children go alone. If their costume is dark, put on reflective strips. Take a flashlight. Don't eat the candy until a parent has inspected it. Don't go into house, don't go up to darkened houses. Use common sense and be careful careful, careful.

Better yet, do come to the Square tonight. The City of Andalusia offers a safe and fun alternative to the trick-or-treating in dark and eerie neighborhoods. with its Halloween celebration on the Square. Parents can visit with each other while their children make their rounds in plains sight. Teens can enjoy the music, and everyone can enjoy a little peace of mind.

Also take care while you driving tonight – more than black cats can dart out in front of your car.

Yes, Halloween is supposed to be a little scary. Its suppose to give us that little thrill. But the fears are supposed to be all in our imagination, cocooned by the knowledge that there is no danger, we are safe. Keep those fears groundless by taking care tonight.