Letters to the Editor 11-01-2002

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 31, 2002

Don't like it? Leave.

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to a letter written by a person objecting to the Confederate flag in the October 23 edition of your paper.

What rock did this modern-day carpetbagger cawl out from under? If this man has such a problem with looking at confederate flags, I suggest he move back up north to Boston or Chicago, and leave us Southerners alone.

This is the second letter I have read in your paper criticizing the Confederate flag. But to slap the face of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is going too far. This man is truly the ignorant one, not the neighbor and local townspeople who he berates. I will gladly buy him and his family a one-way bus ticket north of the Mason-Dixon line.

I am planning to move from this cesspool called Atlanta to your lovely city soon to get away from the crime and filth of this once proud city. The racism thing is old hat. I am proud to have a strong Southern heritage, including the old stars and bars. I openly say to this man and people like him, "If you don't like the weather, move."

David Smith,

Atlanta, Ga.

Crying babies only natural

Dear Editor:

This person who is complaining about the annoyance in resturants, sounds as if he should stay home and eat. People are happy. He seems to be carrying the whole world on his shoulders and thinks every person in there should act as he wants them to. He considers eating entertainment, which is not. It just comes natural to eat.

As for babies crying,that is only nature and natural also. He has no children, he does not know the love of a child. I really feel sorry for him,and would have been ashamed to let the public know my name. If he does not like the atmosphere in these places, call in and carry out. Isn't it wonderful each of us do not have his attitude? He should walk in others' shoes for awhile, he could have a change of heart, if he has one. He has no children, as he said. Who would want to marry a selfish person such as himself. I know that I would not.

Linda K. Bozeman -Kelley