Letters to the Editor 1/10/2003

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 3, 2003

Objects to pay amount

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express concerns and objections to high salaries paid the mayor and board members on the utility board. I won't deal with whether we need a board. I suppose that issue is moot, but the board is surely a windfall for some people.

But how can the board members justify paying the superintendent $60,000 for a part-time job? How much time can the mayor spend on that job, considering his duties as mayor and many duties as a very fine lawyer, i.e. arbitration, trust work, lawyer for AEC, etc.? He has been de facto head already, as were mayors before him. I don't see where the board can help us but as I said before, that is moot.

If a goal of the board is to increase revenues, where will that income come from? An increase in fees ad charges, no less, already too high for seniors on Social Security, minimum wage earners, will have to be the source.

I realize we don't pay just for time but for expertise on the job, but this $60,000 is a big salary, unless it can be shown how the superintendent will earn it without an increase in fees to the citizens.

The issue of whether we need an administrator, which I agree, the mayor would be very good at, or an engineer-type person is another issue. But that is the salary of a full-time job.

Am I the only citizen who sees a problem here, an ominous sign? Speak up if you dare.

Bob Reid


Finds help on the way

Dear Editor:

On the morning of Jan. 2, 2003 as I was coming to work, I noticed my van was running hot so I stopped on the east side of the Conecuh River Bridge for it to cool down. After 45 minutes I decided to walk some place to call home. I had just started walking when a very nice gentleman on his way to Montgomery stopped to ask if he could help i used his phone to call home for someone to come take me to work.

In a few minutes another nice gentleman with a jug of water on his truck stopped and asked if he could help. He filled the radiator with the water and it cooled down quickly. My sister came soon and she drove the van to the garage and I drove the car on to work. I don't know either of these men but do know there are some good still.

I pray they will see this and know I do thank them very much.

Nina M. Bullock