Letters to the Editor 1/22/2003

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 3, 2003

Defends dog deer hunters

Dear Editor:

I am writing this in regard to the piece in the paper about deer hunters.

Some of the stuff those people came up with is crazy.

Dog deer hunting has been here for years. The 30

people they were talking about in the paper did do wrong and should be punished, but not all deer hunters are the same.

The deer hunters have rights, just like the landowners do!

I hunt in Wing with a small group of people and we hunt on the government land and some private owned land that we have permission to hunt.

I admit some of the hunters do drive a little fast, but most of us don't.


hunters have laws to go by and most of them go by them.

If Mr. Brown is having trouble with 30 or 40 of the hunters, prosecute them, but the ones who abide by the law - leave them alone.

If there were no deer hunting, then the landowners would be whining about the deer eating their gardens or having a wreck because the deer are walking out in front of their cars.

They say the hunters are thumbing their noses at the game wardens (that's hogwash.) Most of the hunters abide by the rules and get along good with the game wardens.

They say it's not humane to run deer with dogs, so what makes it right for farmers to shoot deer at night in their fields and leave them laying?

To the man who was trying to raise the horses - blame the coyotes. A deer dog will not run a horse.

It's not right to turn deer dogs loose on posted land, and if a few people do, prosecute them, not all deer hunters.

There is still deer hunting in other counties but on private land. There wouldn't be so much trouble in Conecuh Forest if the paper companies weren't so greedy and give the dog deer hunters back the land to dog deer hunt on. They saw dollar signs when they leased it to stalk hunters.

It's time for the dog deer hunters to stand together and fight back.

Buddy Gunter

Covington County

Appreciates changes

Dear Editor:

I appreciate the changes made in your newspaper. I thought your article regarding our mayor was very well stated (the positions and the concerns).

Also, thank you for having Mary Hunt in the paper now, she is filled with good ideas. I have taught The Financially Confident Woman three times, it is a very helpful book.

I wanted to write (Joe Keller) a note of appreciation concerning his article because he gave God the glory for his safe driving.

Pennye Anderson