Letters to the Editor 1/23/2003

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 3, 2003

Thankful for Andalusia's hospitality

Dear Editor:

My wife and I were given the opportunity to work on the Andalusia Children's Library renovation off and on for the last seven months. We were strangers who were treated like family. A community like Andalusia restores your faith and warms your soul.

There a so many we would like to thank: to Cara and the generous people at Walker electric, who opened up their home to us; To Karin and all the sweet and helpful library people; to the construction and design team of Jeff cross and daughters for their creativity and attention to detail.

And most of all, to Rick Jones and the Dixon family partnership. If not for their vision and generosity, this project would not have been possible o enduring for generations to come.

Thank you all.

George Evans and



Leave his 55 cents in the pot

Dear Editor:

I have been following with interest the formation of the Utility Board. We now live in a city that is ruled by a tyrant. We need the present Mayor and Councilmen like we need the Bubonic Plague.

We have a $9,000,000 +

school. We now have a bus system to service that school while other schools are trying to get rid of buses. We have two buildings that were schools. They are being gutted and rebuilt at a cost far greater than they could have been remodeled for schools. All the out buildings at East Three Notch school have been torn down. The lunch room would have made a good communication center or some other office that we will "need" in the near future.

Mr. Mayor, just leave my 55 cents in the pot. What you and the councilmen have done, if not illegal, is for sure immoral. There is no possible reason for these outrageous expenditures but greed. The City increased the power rates to pay you $60,000 a year? You knew what the mayor's job paid when you ran for the office and this is just a ruse to get more money from people that really have a hard time making it on their income. I happen to be in that category. My meager retirement went up 1.3 percent this year. The increase in taxes and the cost of insurence more than took that. Now you want another 55 cents a month. Forget it.

The city of Andalusia is losing citizens, as well as Covington County, so who will pay your .55 plus cents when you spend all of the cities money on foolish things? I know-the water and garbage rates could be increased, then you could get another .55 cents and the leeches that are searving with you can get another increase also.

What's happening to Andalusia is a disgrace. If the economy wasn't so bad (or did you know that?) I would think seriously about selling and relocating. Be decent people and rescind this stupid board. Then find someone who knows what they are doing to serve as a non-paid volunteer.

William W. Moody