Letters to the Editor 1/25/2003

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 3, 2003

Disgusted with deer hunters

Dear Editor:

I am disgusted with the sorriness that some deer hunters have. If you kill a deer and don’t want all of it, then bury it! You wouldn’t believe the dead deer that are dumped on our dirt road. We only love about a half-mile our of the city limits of Andalusia, so I guess it is convenient

for some deer hunters to dump the remains out in the road. I have seen the remains of up to three deer I the middle of our road at one time.

This is not only disgusting and sorry, it is against the law.

Hunters, please be responsible and dispose of your dead deer properly.

Sandra Maddox

Covington County

About that 'Futility Board'

Dear Editor:

In regard to the "Futility Board" debacle, in my opinion, is best said in the January 17, 2003 statement in the Star-News by "our" mayor: "The unvarnished truth is, Mr. Andrews us unhappy because he was not appointed to this board or some other fee-paying board,"

It seems to me and an uncounted number of my friends and acquaintances that greed is again rampant in our elected officials, We would like to understand what happens to what would seem like honorable, moral men when they are elected to public office, what makes them pillage and plunder? What makes them suppress outside comment and criticism – isn't free speech one of our inalienable rights?

The actions of this elected group has me and scores of others afraid! Do these actions not smack a little like fascism?

We want to know how we can stop men like these before Andalusia is bankrupt or worse. The one redeeming aspect of this horrible mess is that we do have a "voice" in the future - the voting booth. We hope it is not too late.

Patricia L. Perrett