Letters to the Editor 1/28/2003

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 3, 2003

Disturbed by ambulance dispute

Dear Editor:

Having been raised most of my life in Andalusia (now residing in Dothan), I try to keep up with the happenings of the place I call home.

I am very disturbed by what I read concerning the new Faith EMS Ambulance company in the Saturday, January 26 issue.

It seemed to me that the attack against this company was ridiculous. For any area citizen to be bothered by an increased ability to provide emergency care must only be about revenue.

I also wonder about any E-911 committee member who would not want citizens to have a choice in this matter. What could be the motivation if not to look out for the existing company's pocketbook? Is that what an E-911 committee is designed to do?

Competition could only serve to raise the standard of care. Why would anyone object to having more paramedics and emergency personnel available? I am aware that there are standards already in place that address the issues mentioned in the article. Furthermore, with a rotating call system in place, there should be no confusion whatsoever concerning who assists at any given situation. If that were a real concern, then Dothan, Montgomery, and other cities would be in total chaos; in that case, one should assume that only one company should serve each of the cities in our state. Since other cities have survived, even thrived, with multiple companies providing emergency medical services, surely, the leaders of my hometown can find a way to do the same.

Cynthia D. Smith


Likes format, wants comics

Dear Editor:

Think the new look and new format is great!

Read the paper every day, and have for years! BUT – could you PLEASE put a page back in that you have taken out? I also enjoy what I call "the frivolous side" of the news.

Put back the comics, the Helpful Hints column,

Dear Annie

and the bridge feature!

No newspaper is complete without this "fun" page!

I look forward to seeing

these features back in! Thank you!

Dot Smith