Letters to the Editor 2/4/2003

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 3, 2003

Approves of sanctioned assassinations

The Andalusia Star News in its January 31, 2003, edition in a piece entitled"Setting Standards" takes Congressman Terry Everett to task for introducing a bill that would lift the ban on sanctioned assassinations of terrorist leaders in foreign lands.

The Andalusia Star-News opines: "Once again, we find our leaders retreating to the nervous excuse of 'I hit him first because I thought he was going to hit me first.' "

The editorial goes on to say: "As the leaders of the free world, we are supposed to set standards – high standards – of moral and ethical behavior." Also the writer says: "Have we forgotten the Bay of Pigs?"

Has it not yet sunk into the deep recesses of the writer's brain that American is at war – that we as a nation are at risk to biological, chemical and nuclear attack from the "bad guys". The editorial writer is a prime example of the "touchy-feel good" liberal syndrome. His or her ilk live mentally in a perfect world. They refuse to believe that there are "bad guys" out there who are determined to destroy the United States of America and democracy as we now know it. These same "bad guys" want to take away the editorialist's privilege of writing such drivel as he or she wrote.

So, apparently the editorialist wants some terrorist leader to dump anthrax or the like on the USA before our nation's leaders take any preventative action. Then, it will be too late! Dang right, I am nervous!

And, pray tell, what does the Bay of Pigs have to do with the price of rice in China?

John B. Givhan